Tried to tune after the update.

I posted this in tech support, but wanted it to get more views.

And, well lets just say we’ve got some issues. I bought a Renault Clio v6 from the dealer, buit it to a class. Then went to tune in test drive. When viewing the telemetry while driving camber stays at ZERO. Made some adjustments, still a zero. Stopped the car to turn the wheels and see what i get. It maxes out at like 8 something positive on one side. I thought thats wierd, maybe the cars broken and thats why i never see people using them. Oh well, continue tinkering with it. The suspension telemetry seems a bit lathargic on this one. Make some changes to bump and rebound to quicken up the suspension movement a little. Telemetry still shows it should be slow, but driving the car the, changes have definetly been made… Time to switch cars and see whats going on. Pulled out a stock TVR Sagaris that Ive owned since before the update. Install only race suspension. Eveything previously mentioned, the same. Tire temps were acting weird too on both cars. I then powered down the xbox, not sleep, but power cycled. Results still the same. Is telemetry broken now? Or is it just mine.

Could someone please check this out on your game?
This could make tuning a little more challenging.

Same here, seems like telemetry is broken.
Suspension movement is really slow now.
Have seen something that seems like an overflow with a many digit number on the suspension travel.
Also posted it in the thread on this topic in the support forum.

Seems like telemetry tuning is out of the question for now.
Feels good + laptime tuning it is.

I’ve had the suspension issue where it looks like it’s running into some divide by zero error, but it always goes away after a while. Though it does seem like they filter the suspension values to show more average results than sudden, radical blips in suspension travel. If that’s the case I don’t necessarily mind as I’m usually looking for a “average” value mid-turn or while braking and this helps.

I observed the same issues as well. I hope they decide to fix it soon. I liked the dynamic camber in telemetry. I always felt like it was one of the more useful pieces of information for tuning.

Yeah it’s absolutely broken. I first noticed on the suspension screen how every track appears to be perfectly smooth and every car is excessively stiff.