Tree glitch in Photomode?

I’ve noticed on alot of pictures from Photomode that there is some weird visual glitch around some trees where they are somewhat invisible with alot of small “x” in them, if that makes sense…

In this picture you can see it right above the hood and headlight (open it full size to see it):

And here, above both cars:

I guess alot of people have noticed it, but I’m having doubts that it will ever be fixed…

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I do have this same annoyance and I’m glad someone brought this up.

I don’t have this problem on PC. Are you on PC? If so do you have an AMD graphics card? These little dotted anomalies happened all the time in various games when I used to use AMD cards years ago. It’s the reason I’ll never get one again. Games always seem to have weird artifacts with their cards when I’ve used them.

No, this is on Xbox One.