Treasures not showing up on Fortune Island (PC)

Please help!

I bought the Treasure Map for Fortune Island but except for the first treasure which I found, nothing else shows up!

The map is installed…I get the clues, but these locations even after doing the clues, do not show up. Example, I have drifted, driven up and down the Needle Climb in my 458, nothing. I have driven the Mustang for the 3rd clue in the ares suggested, nada.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. And no disrespect intended, but I am on a PC using my keyboard and mouse, so telling me to press a console button Y or X is not helpful.



I haven’t bought the treasure map, but I doubt it changes the process for making the treasures available. For the 458, for example, you need to successfully record a score with it for the Needle Climb drift zone. I don’t know if there is a minimum score you need to achieve, I just recorded a score and it triggered making the treasure available. Same for the other clues, I recorded a score for the appropriate PR stunt with the appropriate vehicle.


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The treasure map will only reveal the treasure chest location once you have solved the riddle for that particular treasure chest. as it needs the game to spawn the treasure chest, to spawn the treasure chest you must also have fulfilled the conditions to solve the riddle for it. To get the riddles to appear you need to progress through the Fortune Island career.

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Hi Everyone

Thanks for the input…it seems I needed 3 stars of that Needle event. All maps and clues coming up nicely as I solve them…a nice 3hrs was spent finding treasures…