Treasure map is not showing everything on map

I bought the $3 treasure map so I could find the last 45 boards i needed and after smashing all the signs shown on the map I’m still missing 1 7500xp board.

I found the last board was covered by the Montellino car meet on the map so it wasn’t shown.

why waste 3$ when u can look it up with google?



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I think the treasure map is just for Storm Island so you won’t see mainland boards on it.


The treasure map is for the whole game and the OP bought it because to them the $3 was worth it for the convenience. Not sure why they need to be questioned about the way they spend their own money.


Good to know - my bad.

People are trying to help by giving him the map free…albeit to late but if the op had asked before buying :slight_smile:

Although, you can’t program directions to the treasures directly into your GPS with a Google search. There is a convenience that comes to those who do get the map.

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Plus if you have the perk for fast-travel everywhere, you can literally just hop from board to board and pick them all up in a fraction of the time.


The map didn’t reveal the storm island boards for me, just the main game.
I spent the money as my four year old enjoys helping me collect these things. It’s much easier to have him point to which one he wants me to collect next on the screen than on my phone or computer

The treasure map only showed me the storm island boards… Not the mainland