Transferring vinyl groups from xbox 360 to xbox one

I’ve been trying to figure out how to transfer my vinyl groups that i created on Forza 3 on my xbox 360 over to Forza Horizon 2 on xbox one. Has anyone had any luck doing this?

You can’t.

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What I’ve done is take photos on tablet all sides of car and repaint them in FH2/F6, got 1,000 photos on tab, am slowly repainting my cars from F3/F4 to Forza on xb1.

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that was kind of just a 360 thing to show off new technology capabilities then it just stuck in forza until 5 came along

Hi all,

Sorry to revive an old thread but i have a related issue and need some help.

I wish to repaint my original designs from forza 3 so that i may use them them in my current forza games. I am happy to do the work that is of no concern.
The issue is that my save game seems to have vanished into the ether, rather i have one there but it has loaded me into a new career! I have no designs, no vinyl groups, nothing.

If i go to my storefront i can see the designs and vinyl groups still sitting there for people to download, i can adjust how expensive they are, i can change the supply amount, i can even remove them but there is no option for me to retrieve them!

Its a big issue for me as i put hours into those designs and i cant even buy them back. Well in fact i could buy one of them back because some thief has re-uploaded it and has passed it off as his own work. I’d say that one would be locked though which again is of no use to me.

If anyone has a solution id be very appreciative, even if someone could direct me to a link to contact turn 10 to see if there is anything they can do, i cant find a ‘contact us’ link anywhere.

Any help would be fantastic

Use a secondary xbox account, go to the storefront from your primary account, download them from there, apply them on the cars and take pictures. It’s probably a lot of work though… alternatively you could ask a friend to help. is the contact, you will get an auto response and probably nothing else as there is no solution for your corrupted/deleted save.