Transferring liveries from FH2 on the 360 to FH3

I greatly apologize as I anticipate this has already been answered in some form or another, but for the life of me I cannot find a straight answer. I know that Forza Horizon 3 can import saved liveries from both Motorsport 6 and Horizon 2. My issue here is I’ve countless hours in previous Forza paint editors (Forza Motorsport 4, Forza Horizon, Forza Horizon 2), and I would like to attempt to move my vinyls along a chain of sorts; Horizon to Horizon 2, then to Horizon 3. However, I only have saved layer groups from the Xbox 360 version of Forza Horizon 2. Would it be possible to import my Forza Horizon 2 liveries into Forza Horizon 3 using the cloud storage, or USB, or any method in general for that matter? If not, I suppose I can replicate my favorite layer groups (as I likely have upwards of 1000 that would take me more time than I have to replicate). I greatly appreciate any help.

Imports only work from same console games… so you will not be able to import from a x360 game…

As SnakeEyes mentions, you won’t be able to import anything from a 360 Forza game to a XB1 Forza game. Both the consoles and the games have different architectures from system to system … that’s why they had to re-scan all cars when the XB1 was first released.