Transfer car to a different account

My sister said I could have her Ford Capri, so I want to transfer to my account. We both play on the same xbox, and same xbox gold. I want to know if there is anyway to do this.

Auction house is the only way. If you’re talking about the Capri FE, chances of it happening are slim to none.

Put it in auction house, log out, login in and buy it. It’ll probably be gone before you get there though

Only way is using the auction house
But anyone else could get it too

There’s no gifting as such due to real money transactions which are against Ts and Cs of xbox live

Yes, you can do it through the auction house - no other way. You’ll need to coordinate that and be REALLY fast because someone else might buy it if you’re slow.

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Would be a good Idea to start Auctions which just visible for Friends or specific Gametags which can be chosen in Contact or Friendslist too. Even a sharing Function for Cars would be nice.

By now there’s just the Auctionhouse to share cars but because of this Bot Issue.

It’s not necessarily macros/bots/whatever that take them, sometimes honest people just get lucky. The best way to do it is to be on a call with whoever has the car and as soon as they list it on the market, you search for it (have all the parameters filled out by then). The second you see the car, press Y on your controller, go down once and buy it. This whole process shouldn’t take more than two seconds really and I’ve tried it with some popular cars like McLaren PO, Bone Shaker & F99XX E and got all those cars without a problem - communication is the key! Just practice with some cheap worthless car until you’re confident that you can purchase a car within two seconds.

yeah this part of the game does suck a little… I have a friend who has just got the game / I have a stack of duplicates (some rare ones) but I have no way to making sure he gets them.

I am not legendary anything so can only sell some special cars for peanuts… the sniper buys for a low value and relists for 20 million… my friend stands no chance

why do these sniper dudes require so much cash? I have >60million and struggle to see what I can spend it on that is of any value