TrainedRope's Forza 7 Gallery [GODZILLA Attacks] [Updated 10/27/2018]

Hello all, and welcome to my Forzatography Gallery for Forza Motorsport 7!
I’m playing on a PC (one that needs some upgrading)

Ill be making new posts just about every week, so don’t forget to check out my new shots as I post them.

Please comment and share with me what you like and dislike about my shots. I really like to have constructive criticism and discussion on my board.

Here are my favorite shots from Forza 7

My favorite shots from Forza 6 & 6 Apex

1 and 4 of your favorite pictures are really nice, but this one is just fantastic. Brilliant picture

Thank you so much! I really wish I would have enter that into a photo comp last year but I never did for some reason. I have many other favorites of mine from Forza 6, but I didn’t want to make the post too long of my old stuff. I’m sure we all want to see my new stuff!

For your viewing pleasure, here are a couple of my other top faves from FM6, there are so many more but I need to quit living in the past.

Living In The Past

Whats up man long time. Really like the first couple photos, lots of action, nice job!

Hey KTVDS! It has been too long! I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had a chance to play or take any photos. Thanks for the thumbs up on these two shots. I’m going to try and put together a full set soon. These two were just quickies.

Hey Jungsten, Thank you very much, I have an interesting style that I hope to have some more shots of to show you soon!

I like both pictures, the first one is giving me a nice cartoon vibe.

Again nice pictures , I like 1 & 3 the most.

Hey Jungsten, Thank you again! I have so many more that I love. It’s really hard to choose favorites.


Back To Reality

Those Porsche pics are top notch. I love the lighting in the 3. Picture.

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Thanks Jungsten, I actually learned to drive in a 911 very similar to that one. So its definitely become one of my favorite cars of all time!

Very nice works, all the shots look so crisp and I like the composition

Loving the Porsche!!!

Thanks guys!! I’m working on something new for you all though!

Welcome back TR! Glad to see you again.

Very nice work on both of those and I’m looking forward to seeing more!

HEY NV! thank you so much, I really love the high color contrast if that 911 photo. The trees are stunning behind the bland silver car.

Okay … here’s some NEW STUFF…

People’s Sports Car

This one is superb good stuff

+1! Very nice shot.

Hey Jungsten, Thank you so much. That’s definitely my favorite of the set as well. The 914 is such a hard car to shoot. but i’m pretty pleased with this set.

I agree with jungsten, I really like that shot too. I always really enjoy this one as well. Something about the car being slightly out of focus while moving adds a unique flavor to the photo!