Train still laggy!

Really loving this game BUT I cant believe PG havnt fixed that bloomin train! Its soooo laggy!! Pretty crap compared to H3s train if im honest. I dont think they ever will fix it. Shame really.
Oh ps has anyone noticed there are no nightime stars on this game like H3? I think its a real shame as I loved that sky with bright twinkling stars. So the daytimes better in H4 but the nightime is waaay better on H3!!!


Agreed, the train that moves at 2 frames per second is definitely an eye sore.

About the stars, Horizon 3 was set in Australia which is in the Southern Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere is pointed towards the center of our Milky Way Galaxy and with the naked eye you will see more stars in that direction. This game takes place in the Northern Hemisphere and it looks outward towards the edge of our galaxy. The stars are not as concentrated looking out and you can see far less of them with the naked eye. I also don’t remember how bright the moon was in Horizon 3 but it seems to be quite bright in this game which would also result in less noticeable stars.

So I think there’s less stars mostly because of the geographical location of the game.


Thanks. Thats a really interesting observation actually about the stars…and yes I love that bright moon in H4…it saves the nightime sky from looking flat. It sets off some awesome reflections over the ice lake…truly stunning.
Just wish theyd fix the train. Its brilliant but the bad motion really lets it down.

The train goes by so fast that I don’t much notice it outside of the Showdown unless it’s hitting me.

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the OP could be talking about the train in Freeroam & maybe not the one in Showcase…
I have seen this myself…, specifically at the “Airstrip”. it’s movement is ALWAYS laggy (& this is on an XB One X, with Performance mode on)
…Need video evidence? lemme know

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Thanks for helping with this. We need the devs to stop being lazy and sort it. I have video evidence I will produce on my next post…not that I need to…its pretty obvious…they must know about it. Shame really

Given that I talk about rarely noticing it outside of the event unless it’s hitting me outside of the event, I’m clearly talking about the train in free roam, too. Nor am I saying it’s not laggy, or at least skipping frames, just that it’s generally gone in the blink of an eye so I don’t notice it.

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You were very helpful…, i’ll give u 3 stars :star::star::star:

Its the same on PC. My PC is hardly pushed playing the game and the train lags badly.

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Never used to be like this. Mine looked perfect until I noticed the lag a few days ago.

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I notice this on occasion with the transit train in the big city. Not always, but quite often. X1x.

The Edinburgh tram is downright suicidal too, several times I’ve started a World’s Fastest Rental event only to be rear-ended or t-boned by a 100mph flying brick within the first few seconds…

Yep, done that before, or when trying to 3 star the speed trap. That tram does not care.

I bet it’s to deter people from using it as an exploit. In H3 it was steady so people could ride it, you can’t ride it now. It’ll push your car to 120ish mph. That’s my guess because there’s no way they did the train for H3 and then screwed up H4s train.

Well, I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t get the train to move smoothly, considering that there are no problems with the traffic cars and drivatars. Also the train is on a fixed route so should be no problem at all.
A real shame none the less that this detail hasn’t been done properly, really ruins the well polished feel of the game map and scenery.

I saw this last night when the train went through the drag strip at the airfield. I think the reason is because you’re online, and the servers have to track the position of the train, and update it for all the players in the session, even if the train is nowhere near the other players. So the train basically behaves like a laggy online player.

I wonder if it does the same thing in solo mode.

No, in solo mode it moves perfectly smooth.

I haven’t paid too much attention to it when in Horizon Life, but I’ve gotten the impression that it’s juddering differently from time to time, as if the server updates its position with different frequency.

It does not, spent a wee bit of time catching up to it, following it… and trying to get rammed by it. For science, of course! I love to put my toon into Damsel in Distress situations, hehe.

Only noticed the lag since yesterday, and already found out the physics system also notices it as lagging. If you get hit by it now it does feel like the engine seems to make up for the speed difference between the lagging frames, as the launch I get from being hit from it is quite something else… It’s a good ole trip to the shadow realm :smiley: (offline it’ll just drag you along at its running speed (around 100mph-ish, and running into it turned me into a car frisbee at about the same speed))

Need to give it a few more shots, to see if it can make me hit terminal velocity, which so far seems to be 387mph (found out by having to park my I8 up a tree, and then glitching through the terrain sending it into and downward spiral to Hades).

Could just be we’re not seeing the real Flying Scotsman, but it’s lesser know sibling, the Lagging Scotsman?

Noticed the train looked a lot better last night. I think they smoothed it out.

I’ve seen it smooth, more often stuttering, in Horizon Life. Haven’t seen it enough in solo to comment.