Traffic in Forza Horizon 3

This annoys me. When im trying to drift and beat the record in a drift zone its always traffic blocking me in any part of the path. There should be a mode where you can host a lobby without traffic.


Go into private freeroam
Gets rid of the stupid drivatars…its does still have some traffic but not the crazy ones

I agree with clear snoxy, I recently landed the Land,Sea and Air achievement and I had to do it twice because the achievement failed to sync first time it took some grind, My twopence worth is; One has to wonder about the mindset of a group of people who create THE best most Awesome driving experience beating all others easily-perfect-almost then they think this is TOO good to let people have lets put traffic in it and we’ll keep the good copy(with no traffic in it for ourselves)how many buyers of this game have requested a traffic free toggle they have no-collision racing it would be easy then to have no-collision traffic. The bumper Cars effect ruins a class leading milestone of perfect driving experience. IMO.(because its like being given a chocolate ice cream cone and the ice cream falling off onto the gravel)Some of us would pay to have no traffic!

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there is one way that you can remove traffic in online freeroam. What you do is you start a race event, but make sure no-one joins. Wait for the car-circling cinematics to go away and you respawn back in the world. If you look around there are no traffic cars to be seen! This may have been patched as it is only a glitch, but i don’t think is has been (lazy turn 10 ;)) The only disadvantage of this is no rewind :frowning:

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