Traffic gone

Is anyone experiencing this? since I tried to farm a few skillpoints with the game in solo mode, now I see sometimes players on free roam but the AI traffic is gone, nothing anywhere.

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I did the Stunt Story, and the cars were gone from that too.

But did they show up now¿? XD Im having this issue 2 days in a row, not complaining rn because I have empty roads to drift but it feels empty haha.

No I mean I did the stunt story yesterday. The narration says to avoid the other cars, but there were no other cars. If you post a thread you can’t expect a thread to stay current if it means…now.

I have this issue since I started playing. Like 2 weeks ago. Was unsure at first if there just isn’t any traffic anymore. But sometimes traffic comes back for a couple of seconds and disappears soon after.

No traffic is standard so the question is strange.

How is standar? Shouldnt be traffic on free roam? a few vehicles at least

yeah sorry haha

You mean no traffic happens every day.

LOL, yeah, all day. I played for about 200 hours and had traffic for 3 maybe. The same was with H4 release. It’s a bit shocky then to see any cars because they “block” your way. Await many questions here how to disable traffic again after it starts to work.

The same was not in FH4… you need to think about what you say. You had less traffic in Multiplayer, but not no traffic at all.

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First month I played without any traffic, it was completely the same as with H5. It’s probably based on servers somehow. If you don’t have any players around, you can have traffic.

yeah, the problem is I dont have any players arround XD, they show up eventually but 90% of time Im alone in the map, literally. I can understand if PGG deactivated the traffic for the online while they are fixing things (because it was very bugged) but they didnt say a thing about it…

Maybe your games are broken or you hacked the games XD but I remember clearly on FH4 having enough traffic to notice Im glad when I do a speed zone and the traffic goes ghosted

It’s normal since H4. I am usually alone in H5 too. But sometimes you can see when you have traffic which disables when online player is near.

Did you play since day -4? It was the same and they did fix like this release. They know what they do but they communicate nonsense.

Maybe since you have never had any traffic you should perhaps check the quality of your internet like you moronically tell everyone else to do when they are experiencing known bugs.

Communicate nonsense? Sounds like a description of nearly every post I’ve seen of yours.


Yeah, it’s very subjective. Maybe my posts are not for you.

They aren’t for anyone besides you and people below 10 IQ.


yeah that is what I meant… The map is empty, I remember seeing some AI traffic cars in MP, now there is nothing, sometimes I see players but thats it.

Lol, I’m digging this bug because street races don’t have traffic. Did the seasonal street race with no traffic, easy win.

Traffic has been strange for me the past couple of days. I either have more than I know what to do with (solo or live), especially if I am trying to do stunts. Then, the next time I turn on the game I will have literally no traffic on either solo or live, and I am trying to do near misses, lol