Trading paint with the M-B truck

I don’t understand this challenge. I know what the trade paint skill is. I’ve been driving around for 40 mins swiping cars. But it’s still showing a progress of 0/10. I even did it without pausing the game, looking at the menu or nothing that might reset the counter.

Motorway/offline. The truck is wide so its easier getting trading paint skills, just match other cars speeds and touch them on the side.

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Do you have to do it in a certain amount of time? Because I’ve traded painted with over 10 cars using this truck.

Nope no time limit
Just need to be using the correct MB truck
And have completed the previous tasks first

There’s no time limit for this weeks trading paint challenge and if your in solo mode it shouldn’t take but a min or two. Are you doing the chapters in order? Just a thought.

Weekly Challenge: [must be done in sequence to count]
Own and drive the Mercedes-Benz #24 Tankpool24 Racing Truck
Win 3 Street Race events with the #24 M-B Truck
Earn 3 stars in total from a single Speed Trap with the #24 M-B Truck
Earn 10 Trading Paint Skills in the #24 M-B Truck.

Good luck.

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