Tractor issues

Can I ask why a tractor is the best fastest vehicle for b and c class. I can’t even race those classes anymore because of a stupid farm tractor. The tractor for one doesn’t make any sense coming into this game, and two I really don’t care about the tractor but it’s faster then normal appropriate vehicles, so actual rally cars cannot beat the tractor. Very frustrating to be trying to a good rival time or do a good race when you got a dumb tractor destroying you in times. Please consider nerfing the tractor and make it more fair.


We’re ALL asking that same question. :+1:


not sure of the intent but convinced it was done in perfect knowledge of the outcome.

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This PI system and Track-tor was made by the studio that can sit with a straight face and say the Boneshaker is not really overpowered. PG really need to do a significant update/fix to the PI system for these outlier cars, I just hope we can see it before FH5; because the dominance of these meme cars saps the fun from the game pretty quickly and makes me play a lot less.


I done ‘all’ Fortune Island B700 Dirt and Cross Country Rivals yesterday with it to prove a point. It’s so overpowered that I’m either first or second on all the boards, and this wasn’t even trying.

Ok it’s not the easiest of vehicles to handle ‘Turns Wide’ slips on road surfaces and hardly breaks, but on dirt surfaces it makes up so much time that even with the slow behaviour on a road makes no difference on rivals as it destroys the competition.

The only competition is another Track-Tor against it. Which means anyone looking to post a competitive time on B700 dirt / cross country rivals ‘Must’ use it which to me defeats the purpose of rivals.

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:+1: I hear you, boss, but from where I’m standing, it looks like Team Track-tor isn’t having any problems with turns; in fact, it often appears they can turn on a dime! But you’re right, its like they have the best of all worlds… grip, height, skate thru water, sail over mud. Definitely a buzz kill.

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You’re right actually, just tested with a lower PSI and holding handbrake same time as accelerating… damn thing whips around the corner!!

Summing it up:

The only thing worse than the Track-Tor?

A Track-Tor driven by a cheat, which I can see is already occuring in some mainland races. Such a shame these things are allowed to continuously impact the game.

P.S whilst testing I unfortunately bet a couple of your times, sorry…!!

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Sweet! Thanks for advertising the TrackTor. I shall have to give it another go!

If that’s what you have to do to be competitive, then by all means…


Don’t expect them to fix it either, as they have yet to fix the Bone Shaker in months.