Track times not posting

Giving this one more shot on forums case it’s user error. I cannot figure out why my lap times on spa are not posting to leader board.
Up until recently my laps on spa in the lotus f1 car would update my fastest times on the leaderboard.

For the past little while, whenever it beat a lap time in challenge mode I will get the cr rewards, the message that I beat soandso, but on the third screen it will still say I am number x in the world and not update my leaderboard ranking. My best lap time remains the same as it was before.

I am trying to figure out why on this particular track and car combo why this is happening. The laps in question are clean laps. I arrive at the challenge by establishing a free play race on spa with no challengers of 1 lap. When I complete the race, at the third rewards screen where it shows the mini leaderboard I press X to challenge the next fastest player. It loads his ghost and off we go.

Does anyone have an idea what is happening? My spa lap times in the Audi, Ferrari and mazda seem to post just fine.

Does anyone know of a support area I can email? If no one else is experiencing this, perhaps tech support can help.
The support area of the website offers no contact info.

I’m not sure what might be going on in this case and hopefully someone chimes in with any ideas or a solution. In the meanwhile, you can always contact Turn 10 at their email address,

Thanks. I’ll try emailing them.

I’m having the same problem but it is on every track for me

Same problem here. Happened so far on Laguna Seca and Prague. Just noticed it last night.

Same problem.

Really bothers me when i am 1/4 of a second or more up in a formula one. Takes a lot of time to achieve this in a car of fine margins. Took me 1 hour to run 3.04.8 at le sarthe no assists only to be credited with 3.06.6. Granted i could run it again and probably go faster but my motivation has diminished

Do t10 realise this? Or are they bothered?

Lots of people are having this issue right now. I ran a much faster lap in the Forza Invitational rivals event and it didn’t record.