Track loading inn free play never loads

The past couple days free play has not finished loading any giving track. The transition screen that announces your arrival at the track shows up but the text disappears and It hangs there until you push A then it takes you to the pit view of your car. Here the track loading continues to go round and around but doesn’t load up. Tried switching tracks, division etc. No change. Also there is no way to exit from this screen.

Using Xbox one forza edition

It’s a driver bucket issue. Look further in the forums & you can find solutions to this. I had the same problem. If I only use 1 bucket it never works for me.

Thanks Trooper, your right switched to two buckets and It loaded up first shot. Weird that it just started doing this, wonder if it was triggered by my first experiment with the buckets. Thanks again:)

It loads but unable to have others vehicles in the race with multiple buckets our not. Will continue researching but seems strange that this happened without a recent update.

Make sure buckets 2 3 & 4 have minimum number of drivatars & max number of drivatars set the way you want & then make sure the 1st rules option screen has the correct number of drivatars.

Once I backed out again to main menu then back to free play it seemed ok. It allowed me to switch back to 0 buckets once It loaded. Will be hammer down once again:) thanks.