Track is foggy when it's supposed to be raining

Is anyone else experience a weird issue, where on some tracks, namely Silverstone, there is fog everywhere when the Weather forecast says it’s supposed to be raining? Like I said, I notice it mostly on Silverstone and one or two other tracks(Hockenheigm?) while playing the career campaign.

However, it happens at ALL tracks when playing online. I have yet to see any rain in any track while playing online.

Is there a graphical setting that I need to tweak in order to see the rain instead of fog, or is this some known bug in the game? I’m on Windows 10, GTX 1080TI.

The track conditions are either ‘day’ ‘night’ or ‘rain’ if the track has the rain icon on it in career it simply means that it is configured to have weather found in the ‘rain’ advanced settings from free play. ‘Rain’ covers: overcast, fog, rain, and thunder and lightning. Specific weather won’t be described on each track but simply replaced by the ‘rain’ descriptor.

Wow very interesting. Thanks for clarifying I had no idea. Can anyone else corroborate this claim by Goose?

Wet races were apparently removed from D to S hoppers. Guess T10 thought the average driver can’t handle a puddle or two (they’re probably right)

You can get wet races in R class and Endurance GT hoppers, I’m sure of that. You can also get the gorgeous sunset races in R at least, they’re also absent from the first hoppers.

Yeah Goose is correct. If you set up a free play race with ‘rain’ and then go into advanced settings, you’ll see ‘fog’ is one of the options you can choose from:
Partly Cloudly, Overcast, Summer Drizzle, Light Rain, Moderate Rain, Heavy Rain, Thin Fog, Dense Fog, Rain Thunder & Rain Lightning etc

It’s also based on the probability of those occurring which that you can also set. Check those

The thing is, they don’t show the probability of dynamic weather changes in multiplayer, all that is shown is that a ‘rain’ scenario is in place, and by default that is ‘overcast’ or ‘cloudy’ I can’t remember or usually fog, most races don’t start in the rain