Track fixes making rivals unbeatable? wipe the leaderboards on them tracks?

Lets get one thing out of the way! I’m not complaining about fixing track limitations. That’s great… 1 year too late maybe.

Rivals on those tracks have now made the previous times unbeatable, and really pointless you can be a 2 tenths ahead of the ghost your trying to beat on Silverstone international and come to the entry to the wellington straight and the ghost goes goes wide through the tyre wall and gains half a second and a better run down the straight. Time that is literally impossible to make up with 4 corners to go.

There’s are loads of examples I could reel off, but id be here all night.

Either way lets get the leaderboards wiped for those tracks turn 10 have fixed with the cuts been made dirty or is now a tyre wall in the way.



Hang tight… Will update on this soon.


Really please this is in hand

Ok can you confirm or say anymore about what you plan to do or just keep waiting patiently?
Can u say if the leaderboards plan to be wiped, or the laps that are invalid made dirty. Or wiped?

Cheers for the reply

Great stuff Triton. Just a quick question, will the hot fix incl the fix for the super slow Datsun and other racers in the last DzlC pack?..

Be great if there’s a fix fir those, as they are just too slow, period.

Again, thanks for the prompt reply mste, most appreciated…


May I ask if this includes Catalunya? I know the track had barriers added but nothing that affects lap times since the barriers were added in a boundary already considered dirty

They have wiped LBs in the past so I would be very surprised if they didn’t do it again.

I don’t mind that to be honest. In its current state is a joke

It is a joke, I currently have 1st on lime full and west with the new Nissan in P class, and I went to go do the last two layouts and what do you know… There is no possible way to rival the last two limes and get a #1 with those two new tire walls. You loose about 5-6 tenths having to go around them. Well, apparently someone from turn 10 has finally decided to comment on the issue. This gives me hope they will swipe them. I just hope if they do this they don’t screw it up, since that’s usually how things go on this game. Probably will wipe Lbs that don’t need to be lol.

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The new barriers on Lime Rock have turned the south chicane into a complete catastrophe when racing online. Great for rivals, yes, but now it’s just a massive choke point and causes accidents.

True statement. One person get tapped slightly and it’s all over.

adding barriers is not the answer. These nice tracks getting ruined with walls and barriers. That’s not what they do in real racing. Why not get rid of them for rivals races at least because they are not needed there?

I don’t mind the barriers at all tbh, at least it’s a step in the right direction to get track limits cleaned up.

In rivals it doesnt matter because if you go out then your time gets a triangle and doesnt count. Come to think of, it they can get rid of the ugly barriors in free plat also. Im tired of seeing the bots running into the barriors.

It’s just not that dimple to look,out barriers or any object in a track on a randomly chosen basis.

They couldn’t include optional tracks without barriers as running two lots of tracks means additional file sizes and almost double the actual games size.

How can they judge what yracks people will pick, or not pock. So they’d have to have every track available without the various tyre barriers.

Do you want a game that’s hog to gobble up your HDD all for the sake of having a few tracks that YOU PREFER, or someone else prefers etc.

I really think many ppl put so much demands and pressure on developers that they now have to build games so gig, that they now eclipse what we once used for about 100 games. And all those games were great.

Gamers have made games so content intensive, that the developers work never really stops. There’s no way they can deliver a game everyone is going to like. I dread being on a developing team these days. It was bad enough when I was covering them back from 2005-2012.

Now it’s just so,over the top, it’s no wonder theyngomthrough programmers, artists (digital and real) and all sorts of team members.

Try staying inside the barriers, for just one moment, pretend you’re a real race driver and know thT you’ll be penalised if you go too far over the white line. The V8 Supercars have sensors built into every single car that transmits a signal,to the Marshalls and the team manager.

The driver gets a warning and if he continues to do it, then he gets a drive through, or penalised seconds off a lap etc. let’s pretend that’s us, we’d stay within the lines then, that’s for sure.

Why not start trying to do that, than go running into barriers. Just a thought…


T10 should of had the track limitations sorted by now if not right from the beginning. Compare this game to forza 4 and you will know just what I mean and I’m shocked we are still having this debate.

The blatant cutting even when dirty requires some sort of blocking either by invisible barriers, sticky tarmac/grass or a real barrier. Each track needs to be looked at in detail as I assume the tracks were on forza 4. Players can not and I don’t expect them to stick within the white lines at all times. The key word there is “players” rather than “racers” the majority of people that play this game are players and need treating as such. RL comparisons to this game just don’t wash with me and are so difficult to implement due to the 300,000 players it attracts.

I like the idea of warnings and time penlaties but that’s another subject related to forza 7 maybe 8.

Getting back to the matter in hand. Are these lb getting wiped so we can do them again. Or are we waiting on more fixes for monza.???

The franchise was doing well, until Forza 3, sales increased in each of those years, but it settled out during F3, they pulled a lot of stops on F4, but initially, it didn’t sell all that welove. They pulled sponsorship on several, events, even here in Australia.

It was where they were a constant V8 Supercar sponsor across all circuits in the entire season for each year, even on off seasons tomForza. They had cars in each series, but sales in F3 had them really reconsider where their funds were going. I knew the PR and Advertizing guy here, and while he never shared any privileged information, it was obvious what was happening.

F4 has increased in popularity after the event. But none of those sales are coming to Turn 10. As they are for resale or trade ins, either sold on eBay, Grays Online etc etc.’

So, F5 was an attempt to win back the CASUAL gamers, as the hardline gamers were NOT the huge market share that they had hoped for.

You only have to do some research into the Real sales figures of new games sold, not games shipped.

As the two are vastly different as I’m sure you’re well aware of. The sales of F5 weren’t as good as they hoped, even though they offered the game as a Shiny New Car. Lots of ‘spit n polish’ in the graphics and physics departments. The scenery departments went into laser scanning cars and the tracks.

But sales to the casual,gamers and the hardliners were mixed. It was always destined to be a Xbox One Release Title. So even though many aspects seemed somewhat unfinished, in all honesty, they probably were.

F5 saw the advent of digital downloading the 4ntire game, synching and iCloud saving for players. A whoPe new way of delivery and management that they’d not done before on this scale… And it’s grown since then.

While we all hate the fact that the game franchise has been aimed primarily at the casual gamer. We have to realise, that those ppl ARE the bulk of sales, not you and I.

Our numbers are very few in regards to those that buy the game, use it for a week or two, then trade it in, or return it before the 1 week home trial EB Games GameStop used to offer.

Where you and I were the diehards that lined up at midnight to get a real disc based game. Having been to many of those, both as a customer, but also as a writer doing articles for publications on such events. The numbers were always small in comparison to say Halo release nights ,or Gears events.

F6 was really no better, true sales of the title are down considerably . So what do we see. A change coming. And while many are complaining about what car or track Turn 10 should be putting in a game that is ‘all done n dusted’, perhaps if they looked further, they’d see the undercurrent of what is actually going on.

It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it. just stop for a moment, put aside the whole F6 thing, and take a close look at what’s going on right now. What things have they been doing on The Hub, WIR, HMA, Events News. horizon 3, Apex, Forza Racing ~ Chsmpionships, Online Leagues Events, pushing hardliners to joining the online gaming sites Ric etc.

Do you (generalised you) honestly don’t see where it’s going? Expect a very different F7 come September 2017. It’s going to be a launch title for the Scorpio Project. Along with a new Halo title. The two major titles that sold more Xboxes on that release than any other hardware and game release combination.

I’m currently researching and writing an article on the history of the franchise, and where it seriously looks like it’s heading.

They arent going to invest money that isn’t going to get them a return right now. But they will do it as a future investment. It’s what investors put their money down for. Future possible returns.

I’ve heard many gamers complaint that they aren’t getting input on the forums. So why do you think that might be.? Perhaps getting those team members to concentrate on the next big thing that’s going to change the whole Forza franchise.


At least slamming into a tire wall feels more natural than slamming into a patch of sticky grass