Track editing - missed check point

So I made a new track and a new race. Ran the test run and everything was perfect. Published the race. Did a race and it worked perfectly.

I went back to edit the track. After I add in some stuff I saved the track and did a test run. At the end of the test run, just before crossing the finish line I see a warning that I missed a check point. Incidentally, there is no check point where the notice is popping up. But I can finish the race and the notice disappears.

I’ve tried now on several attempts and two different versions of the track and can not get past this check point bug.

Anyone else ever see this problem? Anyone know what I can do to make it go away?



Once you complete the driving line on the circuit race and save the route, it is always going to be like this. Very frustrating and almost made me give up creating. See my post below for more detail.


I just made a route with 128 checkpoints around 40km

while the testdrive some checkpoints were invisible
I got missed checkpoint at checkpoint 4

I tried to edit the route
jumped to checkpoint 4 - it was rotated 90 degree
nothing of the button options worked - can’t narrow or wide the checkpoint - can’t move the checkpoint - no option to rotate the checkpoint - no option to delete the checkpoint

while jumping through the checkpoints it also jumped through the radiostations

what a buggy mess…

a few days ago I made a new route for one of my existing blueprintevents without any issues…

nice wasted time I had with FH5 today

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I miss the FH4 option to be able to rotate the checkpoint when setting it. Why they dropped that function in FH5 makes no sense. I can’t be bothered making tracks the way the “new and improved” (aka bug ridden and less functional) editor is. I was so looking forward to improvements, and pleased at the larger set of elements, but they failed to add many needed little fixes and in fact dropped necessary features. Fail. :frowning:

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