track designer like gt6

Please add track designer like gt6 for the next Forza Motorsport.


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If I had to choose just one thing for Turn 10 to include in Forza Motorsport that hasn’t been there in the past, this would be it.
I can’t speak to the GT6 track designer as I never played GT6, but in my opinion, if a racing game of Forza’s quality included a track designer that gave the player the ability to create original tracks and share them with other players, it would be a game-changer and basically future proof the game in that it would have infinite replayability, where there would always be new roads to discover and drive.
The key to me, being someone with zero programming knowledge, would be in making the track designer user friendly while still allowing the user to create the track they dream of. I think this could be done using a system where the player puts down predefined segments of track, i.e. a straight or a turn, then goes into a menu to adjust that segment’s parameters, length, width, angle of curve for turns, banking degree, and elevation change across plotted points.
As long as the player was given the ability to do that, to lay down the track so to speak, that’s what’s really important. Then you could just pick from a list of settings, like city, country, desert, etc, and instead of having to design all of that as well, the game would create the world around the track. After all, I think for most players, as long as it looks decent and doesn’t subtract from the overall experience, what the scenery around the track looks like holds very little importance compared to the track itself.
There could always be more options for users with programming knowledge where they might be able to create scenery and stuff if they want, but as long as I could go in and make my dream track and then actually race on it, I really don’t care if it’s in the middle of the woods or on a frozen tundra.
Man, I get so excited just thinking about how awesome that would be. It’s a shame no one has made this possible. In a Forza game, where everything else is so dead-on awesome, if it also let me design and download others’ tracks, it’d probably be the last game I ever needed to buy (Not to worry, Turn 10, that would make new car pack DLC have even more value, which would pay for and sustain support for the game).

Man, now I’m bummed that I have to leave my head and go back to a world where this isn’t possible.

The new Forza Motorsport should be a serous racing game geared towards an adult audience and not fettered with puerile features such as track building and other youthful imaginations. Pure racing and haptics should be focus of the game! Let’s go Turn10 Studios!

You must be a youngster. As an old racer I think it’s safe to say any true racer would revel in the chance, in real life to build their own race track. In fact, most of the race tracks today were built either by racers or groups of racers. But the scope of the dream for this op is still a bit out of reach even with the power of the new generation consoles. Maybe next year’s series of gaming computers. Maybe. Maybe not. Who nows?

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I do not need this…but I can see that others may want this. I say just keep adding real world tracks to the game

That is an interesting “retro” feature. Though I’m not entirely sure how much of a longevity it would have. I think GT5 and GT6 had an interesting track creator that could DEFINITELY need a resurgeance.

That’s why it would be such a great feature. How often does Turn 10 add tracks to a game after release? Not often and if so it’s only one or two. If there was a track creator, a player like you would never need to open it. You could just go to the uploaded tracks section and download the real world tracks missing from the game that others have recreated with the creator.
While I’m sure I don’t have the skill to make anything great, whenever a game has any type of creation software, there’s always a dedicated group of players who spend huge amounts of time perfecting stuff, and I’m certain it wouldn’t take long until a community of skilled track makers started releasing professional looking tracks.
It’s just my take, but that’s why I wish this was a feature everyone was asking for, whether they themselves were actually interested in using it or not. IMO, a racing game with a near unlimited number of great tracks to chose from would never lose its replayability.
I think it’s just a pipe dream though. Hopefully I’ll see it in my lifetime.

I honestly think they are not looking for a long lasting game. They are looking for you to buy the next game. Unless they plan on only making one game for each console that comes out and just get you for car packs. but if you can make all the tracks you want, they would not sell you another game until a nex console came out. not lucrative enough. we are all screwed

I thought of that, good point. But each new game comes with tweaks that make the experience as a whole better. The number of tracks between FM5 and FM7 that were added have been minimal, so I don’t believe a couple new tracks are what sells each new game, and so I don’t think the track creator would limit sales of a new iteration.
It’s the new single player mode, graphics and physics upgrades, new modes, new cars, and the fact that the player base will move to the new game that gets people to buy the next one.
If it was just about tracks, everyone would still be playing FM4, which had a huge number of tracks, many of which we haven’t seen since.
The only real reason I can think of as to why Turn 10 wouldn’t include one is the amount of work it would take to make it, which is justifiable if not also disappointing.
Thanks for the reply and have a great day!

I’m curious what the GT6 creator was like. I never played that one. Was it similar to GT5’s in that you weren’t actually creating brand new tracks, just editing areas of ones that came with the game?
That was ok, but not really a creator and didn’t do much for me in the long run.
But if GT6’s is an actual full-fledged creator, I may go pick up a copy.