Track Days/Cruise

I occasionally set up a lobby or I’ll be in a friends track day lobby between 3PM and 9PM GMT, 10 minute sessions in various tracks free to choose any car. Add me, I’ll add back and you can join anytime.
Some have trouble clarifying what a track day is, so unfortunately I’ll have to set a proper rule list.

1-Don’t Race. Imagine you own the car you drive, those poor, poor tires… :[
2-Its not a competition for fastest lap, that’s not what a track day is, you can hotlap though as long as you overtake as clean as possible, if there is no space to overtake you will just have to wait until a CLEAR opening, chaos is the worst possible thing in this kind of lobby.
3-Drive clean, nothing wrong with making a mistake and crashing but try not to block the road.
4-Let faster cars pass, preferably stick to right lane and let them pass to your left.
5-Getting sideways is always welcome but don’t do sections and block the roads.
6-If you do happen to crash another driver, message immediately with an apology, if you don’t the other drivers will probably see it as a deliberate action.

Count me in bro.

sounds interesting, count me in too

Too down!

Sounds fun - can I get some of that?

Count me in!

Add me to be able to join at any time

I’m down for bringing my Challenger to these if that’s okay.

Do you do any at the Nordschleife?

Often yes, either 11 or 13 minutes of the Nordschleife.

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Good day Guyz

Not sure if i am at the right place, i need some help i cannot seem to get into multi player or track days events says no match found? my xbox live services works 100% if i play FM5 multiplayer works fine. please can someone assist.

id like to get in on this pls