TPR Lawrence Tune List

Hi guys, as promised I have started building a tuning list for Horizon 3.

As this game does have a natural understeer problem my tune cures that by when you are applying even the tiniest amount of throttle the diff settings start to work and the turning circle instantly gets better and allows you do start flying round the corners

All of these cars are avaliable also from the in game storefront which shows all tunes etc that I have shared

The number on the end of the car name is the handling


2554 AMG m12s warthog 7.9
2015 Audi S1 6.8
2011 BMW 1m 6.6
2012 chrysler 300 srt8 6.8
2017 ford f150 raptor 6.6
2006 Hummer H1 6.6
1988 lamborghini countach lp500 6.9
1988 lamborghini Jalpa 6.5
2014 Land rover range rover 7.0
2014 Lexus IS 350 6.5


2016 Audi R8 v10 plus 7.9
2006 Audi rs4 7.1
1986 Audi #2 quattro 8.2
2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed 7.5
2014 BMW m235i 7.2
2012 BMW m5 7.3
2005 BMW m3 7.3
1995 BMW m5 7.1
2012 Cadillac Escalade 7.3
1969 chevrolet Camaro horizon edition 7.1
1968 Dodge Dart 6.9
2015 Ferrari 488 GTB 8.0
2014 Ferrari Californa T 7.4
2009 Ferrari 458 7.4
1994 Ferrari 355 7.2
2017 ford fiesta 7.3
2011 ford f150 raptor 7.4
1992 ford escort rs 7.9
1987 ford Sierra 7.1
2005 Honda NSX-R 7.2
1992 Honda NSX-R 7.1
2014 HSV Maloo 7.1
2006 Hummer H1 7.6
2015 infiniti q60 7.3
2016 jaguar F type H Edition 7.7
2015 Jaguar xfrs 7.0
2015 jaguar F type 7.0
2014 Jeep Grand cherokee 7.2
2014 lamborghini Urus 7.2
2011 lamborghini gallardo 7.9
2010 lamborghini LP670-4 7.5
1982 Lancia 037 7.6
2014 Local motors rally 7.3
2011 lotus evora 7.1
2002 lotus esprit 7.0
2012 Mercedes c63 black 7.1
2006 mitsubishi evolution IX 7.8
2003 Nissan fairlady z 7.1
2013 Subaru brz Horizon Edition 7.3
2013 viper GTS 7.5

Stay tuned for more tunes

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Cool, man! I’ll check 'em out! If I ever have a chance to get online, lol!


awesome tunes yet again from you… never fail to have fun in them… if others read this post make sure to check them out as they really are brilliant tunes.


Your tunes are beyond awesome… thanks for your hard work bro. I’m using all of them!

I used a number of your tunes in the past, really appreciate you putting in the time to make these awesome tunes.

Very welcome more coming in a few hours

the HE jag tune is seamless, thanks!

Few more s1 cars added and have now started with A class tuning as always more coming soon (ish)

How would I search for your tunes in Forza H3 on PC?

How would I search for you in game?

I would presume like you normally would if they transfer I’m not sure



will post when completed (within next 2 days)

The Sierra and F Type are absolute rocket ships. Love them.

Keep up the good work.

Sorry been taking then originally said, been busy in RL will be up soon

All tunes have been redone and reshared so delete the old ones and buy the new ones more coming soon

Any more A-class tunes coming?

To be honest I have found something out about H3 that has exceedingly angerd me in which you can do something specific and see my whole build and the exact numbers for the tune so I am actually in the debate with myself of not sharing any of my cars anymore and making my self a ask for a specific car and I’ll share for 24hrs then unshare

Sorry to hear that. Painters are getting stitched up by something similar.

If you do a 24 hour tune please post up here so we can grab it.

Lets hope they patch this glitches ASAP.