toyota supra 2 bugs in paint

  1. cant paint over this section in the middle , weird and annoying. (and no i didn’t put a shape by accident)

2.the intercooler is the same color as the car.

I’m not near my console now but for the first one, try going to the top of car and putting a decal there. I’m pretty sure that gap is part of the top of the car. The second one, no clue why it does that

Yeah, you can paint that part on the side by applying the vinyl to the top and lining it up.

Maybe they made the intercooler like that so you can put a brand name on it.

It doesn’t work very well, though. If you try to paint the entire intercooler, you’ll end up painting the bumper as well. It just looks stupid in the end, as you can see.

but what if you want to put a line just in that spot that it dosent give you ? kind of silly and needs to be fixed , so as the intercooler which counts as part of the body.

You’d just have to copy the vinyl, put it on the top, move it to where it doesn’t go onto the roof and try to line it up as best as you can.

It’s a little annoying, but I think they did it because that part is more horizontal than vertical, so it would stretch the vinyl quite a bit if it counted as part of the side. Moving it to the top stretches it less, although it also makes it harder to line up the vinyl because it’s already slightly stretched on the side. It’s kind of a lose-lose situation.