Toyota / Microsoft link up

With Microsoft signing a deal with Toyota recently (as seen on the Yaris WRC) I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll see the 2016 LMP1 Toyota TS050 on Forza Motorsport 7? As am sure the deal is for both (though not confirmed)

Thoughts? Could this happen? As before seen with Lotus it could happen…keen to see what you guys think?

I guess that would depend on the sponsorship deal. You can either buy a bit of advertising space on a car or provide the team with products/services. Microsoft have a massive market of which gaming and to an even lesser extent Forza, is only a very small part. We also don’t know if the sponsorship deal extends beyond the works rally team.

Never the less, it’s always good to see companies like MS get involved.

Let’s hope so. After that powerful, epic showcase at Le Mans for 23h54 minutes the #5 Toyota GAZOO Racing TS050 Hybrid is hands down my most wanted LMP1 car for any future racing title. Sadly it didn’t win (I was rooting for them with all my heart) but they sure got a lot of respect from every racing fan on the planet, including the winning Porsche team.

Yeah watched that. Now Audi have withdrawn it’s looking like the only contender