TOYOTA GT-ONE : Where is ??

TOYOTA GT-ONE is a Legendary Car, present in all best Racing Videogames, also in Forza Motorsport 6 ! ( NOT PRESENT IN FORZA 7 )
Could be a good solution to insert a “Black Model” without livery in the car list…to avoid copyright issues.

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Um, first of all it’s we WANT, not WANTS

and second of all,

It should be I want not WE want, you don’t speak for the community.


Sorry m8, but he’s right. WE WANTS:) You are probably only one who wanna drive Suzuki Capuccino instead:)

Bet you are a riot at parties.


Somebody got out the wrong side of the bed this morning, me thinks :slight_smile:

Probably should be emailing Toyota about this, not posting on a Forza forum

Just for reference, I know the GT-One is a race car, but no Toyota road cars appear in the game — so could well be a licence thing.

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We wants more GT race cars instead!


Forza 1
Forza 2
Forza 3
Forza 4
Forza 5
Forza 6.

Go play one of these games. I suggest you try Forza 4.

As no production Toyotas are in any game at this point with the exception of the GT86 this may also have something to do with it. There may be a bunch of non production Toyotas that developers do not have the license to use.

I’d suggest emailing Toyota.

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Look for it in the upcoming DLC lol.

When the Mods wake up, this will be closed.

This is a wish list thread, and this wish has already been made about 100 times in the last 2 months, along with the rest of the Toyota/Lexus/Scion cars that are “Missing”

Like the above, email Toyota if you want changes to their media department. Right now they say what goes into video games… and if they say no, there is nothing complaining about it here will fix. It actually looks bad when people start bad mouthing potential license holders, for something that they cannot control.

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