Toyota Celica 03 - Mistakes

Finally i got it and find some more mistakes:

  • car must be called as SS-II - specs like 2ZZ-GE engine inside, so it’s SS-II
  • antenna on rear right quarter panel not needed - its for US market, it could not be on JDM car, on roof only
  • interior must be black, reference here
  • tachometr must be up to 9000, reference here
  • canards on trial front bumper must be carbon
  • trial rear bumper under wrong name (razzi) trial ver 1
  • trial spoiler too large - spoiler stands must be near of edge of rear door, not on rear quarter panels trial ver 1
  • toyota logo in wrong place on aftermarket front bumpers (except toyota’s stock), logo must be located like on early cars
  • on all front bumpers turn signals must be like on supra a80 - on jdm celica and supra it is same, reference here
  • kaminari and razzi rear bumpers is missing (like FM4)