Toyota and Mitsubishi Licensing controversy

I decided to move this topic to the “General Automotive” section to avoid any potential backlash ill receive if I discussed this topic on Forza 7 and Horizon 4 thread. With things out of the way here are my thoughts on this ongoing controversy that is the Toyota and Mitsubishi controversy that Turn 10 and Ghost Games are in. If you want to know why Toyota road cars and Mitsubishi cars will be absent you got to look back as far back as the year 2001 with the release of Gran Turismo 3. There is a car in that game that is only accessible in the Japanese releases of the game which is the Lamborghini Diablo. Polyphony Digital didn’t have permission for Lamborghini to be in the game but since they exploited a licensing loophole which at the time they were partnered up with the sanctioning body that has ties with the JGTC (Now called Super GT). Lamborghini was one of the automotive makes that fielded cars in the 2000 Japan Gran Touring Championship. Other notes about the the Lamborghini Diablo is that the car is present in the North American releases of the game but you needed to use cheat devices to gain access to the car. The PAL releases replaces the Diablo with a Daihatsu. Currently now with GT Sport and Project Cars 2 is that both Namco and Polyphony were able to secure a licensing deal with Toyota due to the fact that they’re partnered with the FIA which currently has ties to both Mitsubishi and Toyota. Toyota through European Le Mans which Toyota has cars fielded there (Sanctioned by FIA) Mitsubishi through the WRC (Sanctioned by the FIA). The only way that Turn 10 can get Toyota on board is if they partnered up with the FIA which this will require them to make another Forza game that will be sanctioned by the FIA. Meaning that this Forza game will probably have to be always online like GT Sport. The real blame at the end has to come to the FIA because they want the sanctioning body to be treated and represented well. Something happened with Toyota and Mitsubishi with FIA behind closed doors to deter anyone misrepresenting them and the FIA themselves. As a whole thats why Turn 10 in the car list page for Forza Motorsport 7 mentioned the word “partnerships” which was indicative to the things I just mentioned above.