looking for dedicated touge people for nurbergring.

as you may know there is no fujimi kaido.

so nurberg is the closet to a touge.

looking for people who are keen to touge on this track for awhile every day. must be Japanese model car or something practical. front wheel rear wheel or all wheel. must have cars set up for every class. but mostly P R S A B. please add me on xbox if you are keen. GT : WOT BA. and no im not adding you. if you are interested you add me. no stuffing around pls

I’m a bit confused. Is there even a decent downhill on Nurburgring?

Also, What about Mt. Panorama? That has a good downhill.

Nurburgring is home to the classic touge from the FM2 days FizNpop. The touge team I’m running with though is running C and B class at the moment, using the old FM2 Touge rules. If I have the time, I’ll end up getting the bits and pieces I can remember, some I do remember off top are: No Full Cage, sport weight reduction man, sport tires max, and no exotic cars. Then again, that might be the full set of rules right there.

What you described is D1 specs.

650hp Max, Over 2500lbs, Must have a stereo and passenger seat and Sport Tires or less.

Does the Nurburgring in FM5 have a downhill? As far as i’ve been aware, Touge translates to “Downhill”

I used to do Touge runs in FM4 on a daily basis. Whether it was Grip or Drift, Fujimi was my home away from home.

These days in FM5, I have been practicing the touge portion of Mt. Panorama. Very tight, very curvy, very fun.

Edit: I’ll hit you up, i’d love to do some touge with people. I’d also like to try the section you are referring to on Nurburgring.

On Nurburgring, you start from Karussell and race to Little Karussell, the downhill is the reverse of that section. As with the specs, those are as far as I remember, some of the old rules. I’m sure there are more, but the old rules were in the Forza 2 classic section, which is now long gone, so we’re trying to get a new rule set reestablished, and make it competitive once again.