Total Winnings Glitch with the Auctionhouse...***Please Fix***

I Have recently Got addicted to Bidding on cars in the Auctionhouse, But it has thrown my Total winnings all Out of Whack!

My Stats says i made 157,021,473 and i Know my Money on Hand hasnt gone over a mil by much yet, I Won a total of 3 cars on the Auctionhouse.

I Did a little Research and Found out if i Click on the Car i want to Bid on it and Bid from that Page it Doesnt Effect my Winnings At All…But if i Use the “Y” Button to open the Quick Bid page to save time and Bid from there, My Winnings go up by 1.1 to 1.2 mil each…It Doesnt give me money but it does mess with my Stats!

All I Ask is Can someone Please fix this? If you want to see what im talking about do it in Game like i said and it will happen to you…BTW, The cars im bidding on are in the Rare Section if that Helps!


Yeah, I have over 93m in total winnings, 2m in hand, but my garage is only worth 96m and I have won 3 or 4 horizon editions (plus all the other prize cars) and have only spent maybe 4-5m on cars.

I wondered what was going on… makes sense now.