Total noobie questions, but I am really stuck

I am quite sure that I will get several replies informing me as to just how dumb I am but here goes:

  1. Why is it that in rivals I have no way of setting how many laps and it’s always “1 of -”, “2 of -”, etc. How do you get out of the rivals races without just ESC and having no achievement?

  2. Why are do some auctions look like people are bidding on them and then when I go to bid it’s purchase options only?

  3. Is there really any rhyme or reason to how cars handle? I have about 200 cars and have driven them all. Some of the great sportscars you would think would handle like they were on rails you have to slow down to a crawl to just make it around a corner, and some of the ones that should barely be able to get out of their own way I can make fly around corners.

  4. Why on Earth is the drafting set to always give you exclamation marks on fast tracks? Even if I try to stay on the opposite edge of the track I get a ! and if I pass another car and they draft me I get a !. How the heck are you supposed to shake an AI drafter?

  5. Is there a way to mute the music but leave the sound effects on? If I have to listen to any more Forza 7 music I am going to drill out my eardrums.

Anyway, let the flaming begin.


Apparently Dumb Noobie

  1. In rivals you just drive as many laps as you want, trying to climb in the leaderboards. Your laptimes are being recorded, and after quitting you should also receive credits and XP

  2. I can’t answer that, rarely ever use the auction house myself

  3. Cars are pre tuned (homologated), some better some worse. In the tuning section you can revert the car to its stock form, that should make it that the car will behave more like you would expect. Note that in career homologation is enforced, you can however put the car in its stock form and tune it yourself within the restrictions, or get a tune done by someone else.

  4. Only Turn 10 knows, this is something you will have to arrange yourself with

  5. In the audio options you will find sliders to customize the sound, including a slider for the music.

We all have been new to the game at some point, no shame in asking for help/advise

Have a nice day

Thank you very much for your very considerate answers, I really appreciate it.

It seems that I get nothing at all in credits and XP if I use ESC to get out of the races. Is there another way to get out so that the credits and XP are recorded?

I have reached as high as #3 out of 4000+ racers on the leaderboards (I’m a long time driver of metal cars, only new to digital ones) but unfortunately only on a handful of cars. It’s really hard to believe that I can take the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, VW Beetle, or the Mercedes 190 Evo around tracks faster that I can with a Lambo or McLaren. The Ferraris especially seem to handle horribly. I haven’t even touched tuning yet but it seems that I am going to have to start experimenting with that.

The drafting is totally daft. I can’t understand why I am being penalized because an AI decides to stick to my tail. This should be one of the priority fixes on the Turn 10 To Do List.

Thank you so much for saving my eardrums and my sanity. I have now killed that awful excuse for music and am listening to my tunes while I race. Very nice!

Happy racing!

You´re welcome

Here is a video of the steps, and what should happen (payout)

Note, assists on super easy and/or friction assist will block payout.

#3 is very impressive !
The Beetle is a rally race car, rated R class, so it should be able to beat some of the lower rated Lambo´s. As for Ferrari´s, i remember that i struggled with some of them as well, worse so even with some of the Porsche, but you get used to it, otherwise find a tune to your liking.

You´re welcome, i couldn’t stand the music either

I wouldn’t get my hopes up about T10 fixing their draft feature, it has been complained about by many and for a long time and nothing was done about it.

If you enjoy hotlapping in rivals you can take a look at a hotlapping competition we are running.

Here is the link

Its a friendly competition. Every challenge lasts 3 days, and the winner gets to choose the next car and track. Currently we are driving the Nissan IDx Nismo, tuned to A Class, at Hockenheimring National. That challenge will end in 12 hours, but a new challenge will be set up within 24 hours thereafter.

Have a nice day.

First of all I have to apologize for the delay in replying but I just took the first full vacation I have had since 2011… and I can assure you that with my horrible, thankless workI really needed it!

Yes, I will definitely abandon the AI competitors when I go to hotlap, they’re nothing but a waste of electrons. I do like the matching CR at the end of the race but if I really want to set some good times it’s best to do it alone.

I can’t seem to find any way to finish without hitting ESC. How do I do that?

Got it on the DLC. I only bought the basic game (mostly because I have an aversion to spending money on extra stuff within a game) but I MAY get Horizon 4 as well so I now understand how the whole thing works.

Thank you for the exceptional replies and the great video. Unfortunately I still don’t understand how to get to that screen where you can finish the race without hitting ESC. Is there another way?

I have Friction Assist always off and run with (mostly) lack of assists and get my points all the time in the Free Play section so that’s fine.

The VW Beetle that I can coax to really good times is the old 60s Bug. For some reason on some tracks I can get better results with it and similar cars like the 70s Fiesta than with the supercars. I think I’m just accustomed to running the wheels off cars like that and don’t quite “get” the 600+ hp cars.

Your Challenge sounds like a lot of fun. Let me make sure I understand. Right now you are running:

Cota west, Chevy Corvette ´60, A700, 1:46.056

So what I should do is go buy that car, and see if I can beat that time and then post it on that forum, right? Or am I missing anything?

I have a lot of trouble with COTA in general but I’ll give it the old college try!

Thanks again to both of you for your great replies, I really appreciate all your help!

There ain’t no reason to apologize, hope you enjoyed your vacation, been to long since i been on one myself.

If you are playing with the keyboard, which i hope you don’t, then the esc button should get you to the window that opened in the video. If you use the xbox controller it’s the button with the 3 horizontal lines. Either will take you to the same screen. As long as you quit out of that window you should receive a payout as well as xp. The only other way to get out of the rivals menu would be to kill the game, for example by closing it in the upper right corner, that would obviously keep you from getting to the payout screen.

About the challenge, yes just buy the car, tune it to A700 or download a tune and set a time in the rivals section. Make sure you pick the right ribbon. Once you have set a time you can post it on the forum. We are down to only a handful now, had 20+ people competing before the launch of H4, but the remaining are all nice guys. If you want to compete regularly feel free to add everyone to your friendslist, this will help you not only to see how you are doing, but will also provide you with a ghost of the next fastest guy in line. Chasing a ghost of the same car can help you tremendously to improve your times.

If you’ve got any other questions just ask

I will give that a shot by tomorrow morning… as I said, COTA and I don’t get along well but let’s see what I can do! Thanks again!

Your welcome, don’t worry about the times you set, its for fun mainly. Everyone has his tracks he´s better and others he´s worse at, but hotlapping is a good way to improve your skills, and the challenges only last 3 days, so if you dislike one the next isn’t far.

Im looking forward to welcome you to our competition, have a nice evening

If you are trying to set lap times do it in rivals when there is no drivatars to mess it up…they always will…dirty by drafting is there for a reason…people used to cheat leaderboards doing it

When you leave rivals you go to finish…there is an option to finish…not esc

In the auction house are you trying to bid on dlc cars
You can only bid on them if you own the dlc…