Torque RPM

How do you find the torque rpm by looking at the upgrade graph?

I dont think Forza 5 has a torque rpm or torque curve graph outside of when you are adding an engine part. And Im not sure that graph is helpful in any way. Im guessing, but maybe you are working on gearing a car to stay in the torque band? If so, the best method I personally have found is just to go somewhere with a long straight and watch the telemetry. You can see the HP Torque and RPMs all at once in there.

I agree with EliteApices, I have found several inaccuracies on the graphs/data shared in the engine area (if they have it at all). The best is to test and get the Rev Limit (versus the Redline shown by FM5), and rpm’s at Torque value provided by FM5. For example, for a 6th gear car, test at 5th gear and read telemetry and check these 2 values.

Take your car to the 1 mile drag strip. Take off in 1st gear and quickly switch to 3rd or 4th gear, watch your telemetry and note what the rpms are as soon as the torque starts to drop from its max. Best way I could find, the graph isnt very readable. Of course this should not be an issue if turn10 didn’t dumb down the tuning/telemetry side of the game and give us full car stats like from Forza 1-4

Go to your car, upgrade, engine, click on any engine part, and it’ll show your power and torque graph, if not, press up on the D pad until it does. The RPM’s are listed on the bottom, and torque is the blue line, where ever the blue line peaks, is your max torque rpm.

hi dose any one know about were i can the peak torque plz

If your asking for the Peak Torque RPM, just follow the instructions by EliteApices above. In the telemetry, you will see both eh HP and Torque numbers for certain rpm level. You might want to record and play back for ease of reading. If your looking for the Torque number (kb-ft), than , it’s on the car stats.