Toroya Forza Horizon Photo Festival!

Skin Share code is 735 133 143

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This one the same skin but from FH4

Skin Share code is 258 318 785

Skin Share code is 167 594 408

Skin Share code is 183 092 993

Skin Share code is 576 575 816

Skin Share code is 924 855 599

Skin Share code for STi is 176 918 928

Skin Share code is 863 352 142

1932 Ford De Luxe Five- window coupe Forza Horizon Edition is very rare car so I made a fake skin.
Probably even you can’t tell which one is the fake or not.

Share Code for skin is 808 642 226

Share code for tune is 863 556 442

Some of my collections from Forza Horizon 4. Share code not available.
All skins were created by me. I am not using any photo editing tools for these photos.

Skin Share Code is 886 568 902

2014 Ford #11 Rockstar F-150

I like the first Fiesta shot and the LB McLaren from FH4, great job on those. A little CC if I may? I think toning down the sepia and utilizing more zoom (as in, back the camera further away and zoom in) would really help some of these pop more. Looking forward to more

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oh, thank you exitorbit I really enjoy your photos too.
thank you for the tip though.


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I personally love the TOYOTA Trueno photo too. Try to make a manga feel. Creating Japanese letter skin was painful though. Took me many hours.


Skin Share code is 134 602 974

Skin Share code is 158 066 591 Green Color

Skin Share code is 808 357 817 Blue Color

Skin Share code is 990 111 999 Red Color

delivery failed

Skin Share code is 116 184 442

The first Brocky shot has great framing, and I like the idea of setting the scene with the Amazon van. Keep it up!

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