Top speed

What are some of the fastest cars (tuned) in r and p class in forza 5? Any suggestions

get a good lemans tune for the saleen. it does low 250s but is easy to drive. the henesy venom does have a higher top speed on the straight but dosn;t handle nearly as well so its too far behind by the time the car gets to the straight to catch back up and can take the turns near the end of the lap either. i’m about 5 seconds faster in the saleen. you can also use the car for spa and road america. for the rest of the tracks get a good tune for the austin #09 or the '08 dodge viper. you should win more than you lose online. those are for r class. p class seems to be the dlc mazda.

Thanks bro

The DLC Ultima seems to be coming up the board and taking some spots on the top of the leaderboards too !! although I dont like the handling that much but needs must

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Yeah it has the best time for old Le Mans track

If you mean top end speed the fastest car right now is the Nissan gtr at 285 mph benchmarking says 289. Hennessey should be the fastest but it goes 267 (it’s faster in real life lol)
Bugatti is 270. Alfa Romeo 33 stradale is definitely the quickest to its top speed nothing can touch it on a mile drag it’s top is 270 but it’s a bullet getting their. The ultima gtr I think I got mine to 274

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Thanks bro and yeah I got about 10 cars I’ve been tunning that’s up in the 260-270 mph range I have the main fast cars I was just seeing if there were some under the radar cars that can go that fast (cars that everybody doesn’t know can go that fast) that’s what I have been working on and I’m asking if people knew of some cars that were fast besides the gtr, hennessey, saleen s7, bugatti you know and any tunning advice to make your car faster besides the gearing