Top Speed Tuning

Hey everyone,

So I’ve been tooling around some in my journey to get used to a Forza game and one of the few things I haven’t quite figured out yet is tuning. Especially in the top speed department.

There a few things I’d like to note though. First being that I don’t do engine swaps except for cars I’m just goofing off in. In my street rods and my tuners (what I drive the most) however, I like to preserve the car’s more natural sounds vs making a Camaro sounds like a F-16 fighter jet. In addition, I feel like I’m actually tuning a vehicle and not just throwing an engine in it.

Second, when asking advice amongst my friends, I typically get two canned responses:

“Just download a tune.”
This is a no for a couple of reasons. One, because the majority revolve around a V12 engine swap. Second, that doesn’t help me leatn to tune on my own.

“Just mess with the Final Drive settings.”
While this does mostly help on the top end, the results vary greatly depending on the car. In some cases, little to none. In other situations, the return will diminish or even decrease. Plus, this is only helping with one tuning aspect and not a particularly helpful one.

Other things to note are that while the descriptions in the tuning menus help with explanation, trying to apply the info gets a little convoluted. Also, the “projected” results it provides while tuning are definitely not accurate.

So I ask if there’s a way to learn to tune via the actual tuning? Maybe a tutorial or write up that will at least clarify some of the more intricate aspects of tuning. If someone could point me in the right direction, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

When I first started trying to tune in H2 I was pretty clueless and totally intimidated. There are a lot of great posts and links in other Horizon games though. I read and studied a lot trying to learn. I found this link very helpful but there are many others as well.

I use it for my “base” tune and then tinker from there depending on what the car feels like it needs. One thing is that most default Forza tunes are very stiff and lean heavily to understeer. Softening up the springs and severely loosening the front ARBs usually takes care of this. But the first thing I do is the quick and dirty 3 minute deal in the link (which is vastly different from default settings) and then tinker to taste and feel. Experiment with the springs and bump and rebound for feel.

Awesome, thanks man! I think that will definitely work at least a baseline to work off of.