Top Gear Track, crossover points

Was playing the Porsche expansion pack last night, in particular the career mode with the Macan Turbo and ended up on the Top Gear Track.

My drivatar difficulty was set too low and I found myself approaching points in the track where you have to cross the line of the other cars…was just a little surprised to see this in the game as a track you can actually race on, would have thought it would have just been used for ‘hot lapping’ or ‘free play’ I’ve played a lot of multiplayer but seen this track appear…presume this is why.

This is how you do it! :slight_smile:

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That can’t be real. There was no turn 1 smash!


We do this in private lobbies on the weekend. 15+ cars 8+ laps, and the fun begins. It’s fun and some get lost due to unavoidable contact and spins.
And let me stress, this is a deliberate thing, everyone going in knows its just to blow off some steam, have a laugh and back to racing.
Try 8-10 laps in the rain…


Sounds like fun, especially with sim damage on. :slight_smile:

There’s no pit area is there? Might be a bit sadistic.

Nope. Since the real ‘track’ doesn’t have a pit area either.

Nothing wrong with a little mayhem as long as everyone’s good with it! Here’s one to try-set Drivatars to new racer, make sure they’re in e-class cars. Then get the live players in x-class cars, set the track to Lime Rock 20 laps or something, last one running wins…

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We used to do something similar on Top Gear. Live players would be in A or S class cars, AI in Hummers. Give the live players a 30 or so second head start, then wait for the mayhem. Always with cosmetic damage though. Sim damage could make the results more entertaining.

This is why we need proper virus again. I can’t think of a better use for that track…


It’s always been like that. The track used to come up all the time in multiplayer on FM4. Lost count of the amount of races I and many others had lost because of it.

Yeah, I recall a rain race on that track in the same mode where the drivatars seem to have gotten lost and were crossing lines left and right. I think that’s a problem for sure. I didn’t think anything of it as I played the event only once and won it on my first attempt. In any event, I feel that T10 has a bug to address there.