top gear test help

I am trying to beat my personal best on the top gear track full circuit which is 56.039 and the fastest lap is 51.088. i am trying and trying but cant seem to get anywhere near that time. is there anyway i can improve my technique. also i am only renting the lotus E21, if i bought the car is there upgrades i can use to improve the car or is it already at its best?

Increase your Stigness. You just aren’t Stigging hard enough.

The only upgrades on that car I believe are rims and all the rims are heavier than what is on the car. Tuning and practice is what will get you there.

I’m pretty sure that that time is much much faster than what I could pull off in the same car so I doubt you want to hear my advice, but one thing I know I work on a lot is this:
don’t brake if you don’t have to, sometimes you can just let off the gas and slow down enough (especially in that car) without having to change the balance of the car by braking.

TGTT is a tricky one, both because the circuit limits aren’t exactly well-defined, and because there are multiple different lines through several of the corners. Line through turn one is especially important, as is the braking for Chicago and Hammerhead. The follow-through is absolutely critical to get right because you drop so much time on the following straight otherwise, and the last two turns are very easy to dirty your lap on, as well as being another place where line is up for debate. Watch some replays of the top times, and unless I’m mistaken you can’t tune rental cars, and the stock gearing on the E21 is almost certainly not ideal for TGTT. Probably wouldn’t hurt to ramp up the downforce either, but make sure to increase spring rates accordingly to avoid bottoming. ARBs are critical to get right for the fast sweeping turns as well or you’ll be losing massive speed in the follow-through compared to someone who’s tuned their car to be stable through there.