Top Gear Style Hot Lap Super List

Hey guys, I’m starting up a new “just for fun” project. I’m building a time sheet of all of my favorite cars and eventually get as many cars as I possibly can on the list. Its nothing serious and I’m not trying to set lap records in cars, I just want to see where all the cars are in terms of getting around a track quickly. I’ll be sorting them by class and making a class hot lap leader board. All cars will be bone stock. I’m still deciding on what track to start with so if you have any suggestions, feel free to post them. Obviously its going to take a while so if anyone would like to join in, they are more than welcome to. I’ll be setting up a google doc and or a facebook group where I will post all of the lap times and that will also allow people to update it themselves and keep everyone on the same page.

Here’s how its going to work so far:

The fastest time per person gets recorded. I usually give each car about 3-4 laps . You can do whatever cars you want in whatever order. If you feel like you can go faster in a car than your previous time, feel free to go back and try it again. I’ll be determining a car’s fastest time by taking an average of all of the recorded hot laps for that car. The key is not finding the fastest car for one person, but the car that is the fastest with anyone behind the wheel. So all skill levels are welcome.

Feel free to add me on XBL, my gamertag is Th3Stig911. Once the list is “done” for the first track, I’ll post the times for everyone to see. Maybe it could be pretty useful for people.

Its still a work in progress so if you have any ideas, definitely let me know. If you want in, add me and I’ll let you know how to get connected with us and start posting lap times.

Sounds fun, I could give some cars a thrashing after the leagues shut for the evening, it’ll give me about 45mins to an hour to have a go. I like driving stock with no tune just as much as I like tuning my own. I’ll add you tonight bud.

May I ask why? I ask because I am doing something like it.

T10 should of made this in rivals for all to see/do.

Because racecar. I’m doing it partly because I was bored of not having the Top Gear Hot Laps so I decided to do it myself, and I was curious to see how each car performed at certain tracks and compare them to the real life times. The end goal is to map out each car’s lap time at each track, excluding the made up tracks like Rio, and plotting their times to see how they hold up and see where they stand compared to a different track. As of right now, I’m only doing production cars and not the actual race cars. Maybe when I finish I’ll do them next.

If you want to see what I have so far, PM me your email address and I’ll add you to the Google doc. I started with the Top Gear test track and so far have done all of the S and P class cars. Doing A class today.

Uber understeer, (like your GT) sign me up to yours as well, if it’s open to everyone, I just like setting lap times! And like I said earlier I’ve usually got about an hour to kill after leagues finish.

Have you any info on what you’re doing?

I am doing it all in my one, I am testing all cars stock 3 laps over 3 tracks and data collecting to see what cars are fast for their PI.

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OK bud, no worries. Would be good if T10 did that in rivals though. It’s nice to see where I am against people using cars that are stock, with no tuning.

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This reminds me of something that a few Gran Turismo 6 players have been doing:

Mid-Field Raceway Lap Times For 715 Cars!

Suzuka Circuit Lap Times For 640+ Cars!

Laguna Seca Lap Times For 440+ Cars!

I;ve been doing something similar for years. Since Forza 4 EVERY car I own, I take a lap around Top gear and the 1 mile stock, then again at each PI index. I literally have notebooks full of car stats.

With Forza 6, I took it step further and printed grids for each car in the game and put them i a 3 ring binder.

If anyone has a particular car in mind, I can dig though and post any of my stats for them.

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I’m just curious as to how you recorded everything. What do you have for the Huracan?

I do a clean standing lap on Top Gear so every car has cold tires and starting from a stop. I then go the 1 mile drag and look at the mph at 24% to get a quarter mile mph and then whatever the the mph is for the mile.

I’m at work but I’l throw up my Huracan stats when I get home.

This system worked much better in older Forza with a Tiled Carrer mode. I could choose any car I wanted, do my testing then go find a race for it. The structured career in 6 is really killing the flow of my builds and my 6 database.

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Ah ok I see. I have been recording the third clean lap usually. I found that most cars run right around 2 seconds slower on the standing start with cold tires. I’m in simulation damage of course. I’m also doing it all in automatic so its all car. Its going to be a long term project for sure so I’m going to be recording more than just lap times. I’ll eventually expand to 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile and full mile times as well. But for starters i’m doing hot lap times.

What I do is I start with the cars in my garage, revert them to stock tuning regardless if they are tuned or not so I’m 100% sure. I just go into test drive and give the car 3 clean laps. If I make a mistake I’ll do another so I have all clean laps. I never count invalidated times. Once I finish with a few tracks, I’m going to plot them on a chart to see how the times fluctuate and how many spots a car moved up or down. Should be some good data.

I buy them so I don’t rent them, If they are under 150k i’ll buy it. I run it thourgh rivals and I always have to mod what starts my in 24th place and run collions off.

I’m up for adding to this, I’ve already have a lot of times for Sebring, Sebring Club and Rio Mini.

I recently started doing something similar to this as well. I’m doing it with 7 flying laps at Laguna, take the fastest lap and add it in to the database. Surprised so many other people like doing the same kind of thing haha

Shocking that we’re in the 6th iteration of Forza and still this is not a part of the game. It is supposed to be a game for car collectors, surely T10 know we’d want to do this sort of thing?