Top Gear first and second corner cutting, bypass, posting clean lap

Hello everyone! A friend of mine (CARDO 32GTR) 7th place time overall on leaderboards A class in the R32 Skyline 93 pointed out that the first and second turns of Top Gear can be completely cut and bypassed and the lap is not penalized and remains clean. This doesn’t seem right and is there any way for a possible fix like a barrier blocking that way or making those spots penalize your lap? It would really be appreciated because people will find out and cut that way to cheat in the lobbies and that wouldn’t be fair for those trying to race or hot lap while running the correct line on track. Watch (CARDO 32GTR) lap and you’ll see what I’m trying to bring to your attention. I hope this helps in any way on making the gaming experience better. Awesome game so far.