Top Gear Chapter 6

Alright, after more than 15 Attemps I have finally given up. The Top Gear Story number 6 where you have to drive to all the Bell towers is way too difficult and overkill, no matter how much I drift, how fast I drive, it is never enough for 3 Stars. And I managed to get 3 Stars in any other Chapter! Trust me, I tried everything, gave my best. It just isn’t enough. I kindly ask the Developers to make adjustments here, make the Times more forgiving etc. This is just no fun at all, I am very angry and frustrated, I feel teased and betrayed. Tone the difficulty down, do something!
[Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] I am sick trying and failing over and over again!

Are you making sure you are “PARKING PROPERLY AT THE END” as mentioned on the last long straight by “CH”?

You’ve gotta stop in the target zone at the end?

I remember the first time I did it I just blasted past the finish line like in a race and failed it obviously!

I’ve just revisited this 4 times (first time since it came out) and drove really badly, hitting loads of stuff on the first attempt and got 3:29.

Second attempt, I purposely took two detours, one of which had me needing to do a 180, hit a few things and still managed to 3-star it, with 3:18

Third attempt. I took the correct route, still hit a few things and 3-starred it again, with 3:17, which placed me @ 82,482. LOL!

Fourth attempt, I took a couple of detours and messed up quite a bit and 3-starred it again, with 3:15, which placed me @ 47,798. LOL again.!

These were done with “Normal Steering” and both “Traction Control” and “Stability Control” OFF

Fifth attempt, I took the same detours as in the fourth attempt and messed up a little and 3-starred it, with 3:07, placing me @ 2138 (a little bit of an improvement) LOL!

However, that fifth attempt was done with “Normal Steering”, but with both “Traction Control” and “Stability Control” ON.

Not particularly fast times I know, going by the leader-boards, but enough to 3-star it, so if you have 3-starred everything else, this shouldn’t be too difficult for you and maybe you just need to tweak something.

What sort of times are you managing?

Don’t give up!

I’d like to see the video of the guy in 1st place who apparently did it in 2:23:754.

I got to admit that I have parking problems, I either break too late or too early. But I am already at 3:20+ then, while I see People on yt pull it off with 03:07! I will keep trying though.

My times are always around 3:26 to 3:33, although I rewind when hitting things and do not take wrong turns, driving fast too. I have Normal Steering on, Traction and Stability controls are turned off.

Maybe I will get it when I have some time, I also saw someone using a shortcut.

Haha! I’ve just updated my other post to say I’ve just done it in 3:07. LOL

Turn “TCS” and “SC” on for this as you will shave 10 seconds off.

Do not follow the guide arrows on the road! I’ve not seen any YT videos, but noticed two good shortcuts, that seemed to work.

One is when you pass through the left hand bend with the “Speed Zone” on it. Take the first right instead of following the arrows which go straight.

The other is when you are heading down the long straight.

Instead of bearing right past the large town hall building, bear left and there is a footpath that takes you up to the same place (just need to brake hard at the top to stop flying into the barrier opposite).

CLICK HERE to see the “YouTube” video I uploaded.

The video is just a quick explanation of where to go, but you’ll obviously have to drive those sections a lot faster than in the clip I uploaded (using rewind to get it just right).

If you check out the mini-map while taking the shortcuts, you can see just how much further the proper route is (especially the second one).

You’ll have maybe have done it by the time you see this.! LOL


Are you new to the game? When I first got the game I struggled to 3 star the stunt driver story for the dodge demon, took a break from game stories, progressed through other areas of the game, when I came back to the stunt driver it was much easier to get through the stories I found with a better idea of car handling and how to rack up skill streaks, sorry if you’re not new, there are two stories I still haven’t finished either, just more practice and take a break if too frustrated, you’ll get it!

Sound advice. Taking a break really helps when you come across a problem. Go do something else, then come back to it and nail it!

I just followed the regular route I thought it was the easiest chapter.

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I got it! Thanks everyone, 3:24 is my time, hit the brakes a bit too early. Mercedes 6x6 Truck, you are mine now!

I turned traction and stability controls off again because it seemed to slow automatic shifting down, the first shortcut on the left was also a bit difficult and did not benefit me personally, so I only osed the one after the speed zone.

Cool, I knew you could do it!

You can follow the arrows and blast full speed through to the end without braking. There is a half wall on the left side of the stopping point and if you dont break and bang the wall you can shave 3 plus seconds off your run and it will stop you on the spot from 300 z0 in 1 meter. Make sure to offset the hit to land center of the road where you are supposed to crash err. Park.

That is classic lol!!!

Thanks for the advice. Going to see if i can beat my time on it now.

Accidentally found a super fast record on YouTube… 20 or so (not shown in video) secs below the 3 Stars time:

Wondering how one could make it under 2:55 judging from such driving…