Top Gear Car Pack

As of me posting this right now, I don’t seem to see anything on it yet so lock if another thread does beat me to it, but here is the new Top Gear Car Pack trailer!

Edit: So every car is free in-game now once, not free DLC. But cars no longer cost credits or tokens with your first purchase of that car. Also, this seems to be an early released April Car Pack.

Edit: Confusion seems to be cleared up I think.

It’s the real deal.

Looks legit

Well this is probably the April pack because it says in the article…“Coming out on April 1st.”

But there’s been a bit of a goof up today so the content is out early, and people with the car pass can access it, but it’s not available in the store yet (as of my last checking).

On a good note about the pack at least the running out of fuel badge shouldn’t be to hard for people to get now. I think the Hummer H1 gets about 15mpg based on normal driving…now through it on a track and have it go max speed that probably drops to 8-10mpg so that badge now should be easily obtained by anyone no excuses lol.

The Charparral is an amazingly fun car. It has the largest wing ever as well which has the hydraulic lift in it for air braking and such. The Transit should be a lot of fun as well and I am so glad to see the Audi RS4 wagon in. Love that car.

Yes this is a good pack, probably my favorite so far

Im whippin booty online with the transit this thing is a beast if you tune it right

The Chaparral is a truly amazing machine, glad I finally get to drive one of these revolutionary beasts in Forza.

It’s a blast in game, love it!

Aye, It’s quite the car! That wing looks RIDICULOUS though! I don’t care how revolutionary it was, it absolutely DESTROYS that car’s otherwise-good looks.

Love how she drives though. Ugly as it is, at least that wing seems to work ok.

Pretty good pack since I don’t have the car pass I have to wait until the 1st to try it out. The only car I will probably not use a lot in this pack is the Lotus.

LOVE this car pack!!!

I absolutely hate the fact that I paid for what I had assumed at the time was 5 new car packs, instead it’s (mostly) the same cars I had bought in FM4. Silly me, right? For assuming that I wouldn’t have to pay for the exact same cars again, not to mention 70% of them are useless. A ford van, really? I can not think of a vehicle that I could care less about or would not want to have in a RACING game more. I’ve owned every single Forza game and I owned almost every single DLC in FM4, so I’m not a new comer to the Forza series, but I expect to get flamed quite a bit for this comment…if it’s allowed to get posted at all. Every time I play a console(I have both the XB1 and PS4) I’m reminded why I love PC gaming so much more.


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So far out of fifty five cars we have had eight new to the series (including updated Ultima) that’s 12.7%. At least their were two new cars which is better than previous months. T10 still need to increase the percentage of new cars, I would recommend T10 look at the wishlist thread, which has many many examples of cars which the community is dying to see added to the game. On happier note its good to see T10 adding another Aussie car (Holden Racing Team #10 Commodore VF).

So the hummer can have almost just short of 1,500 pounds of torque LOL it’s still not fast though lol

Look it can take flight lol

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