Top gear car pack [Feb DLC]

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2015 Lexus RC F
1993 Jaguar XJ220 (Free Car)
2014 BMW M235i
1986 Lamborghini LM002
1966 Lotus Cortina
2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale

Best pack ever!


Xbox One-wielding Stig wannabes of the world: Forza Horizon 2 has been treated to added Top Gear-ness. Yup, there’s a new TG car pack ready to download, featuring six new cars, from the dinky, classic Lotus Cortina to the military might of Lamborghini’s bizarre LM002. And, yes, the glorious, strange XJ220.

You can download the TG car park now for $5.00, or unlock the set for free if you’ve got a nifty Forza Horizon 2 Car Pass. And what a set of cars it is…

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Love this pack. 458 and RC F are going to be my favourite ones. I’ll probably spend all the rewards credits on 10 different 458’s (I know I won’t be able to choose a colour, so I’ll buy them all)


One question: Is the Stig included ? ^^

After being the original to find it i was not confident enough to post a new thread and i put it in the clue thread.
You have balls creating a thread.

Take the credit.

i didnt need or want credit. i was was just referring to how i kept it on the down low
and you have balls creating a new thread about something turn 10 is keeping secret.
Now mods and devs will see it now.

has anyone been able to download it yet

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Well that’s the best car pack ever. Leave it to Top Gear to choose some proper cars

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Turn 10 isn’t keeping this secret. The contents of the DLC are not some sort of high-sensitivity information. They no doubt gave Top Gear the rights to publish their story, so nobody’s in the wrong here.

My thoughts on the pack:
RC F- Okay. I’ve heard it’s not faring well in the eyes of autojournos, but that doesn’t mean much. I’ll see when I get my hands on it.
XJ220- Great to have it back after a long absence. Probably my favorite Jag.
M235i- I liked the hatchback in the first Horizon better, but this isn’t bad.
LM002- Best car in the pack, IMO. It’s a fun and crazy addition from the Forzalopnik List.
Cortina- Nice to have more classics, and it’s good that it’s returning. Shame it wasn’t in from the beginning, though, since it was DLC in FM5. I give it half-credit.
458 Speciale- I’ve never warmed up to the Speciale. I guess I’ll just have to drive it to see if it changes my mind.

Overall, a pretty good pack, but not quite as fun as last month’s. Only the LM002 gets me really excited, but the rest are solid additions that I can’t complain about. Maybe if I’m lucky we’ll get another wild expansion, but I won’t hold my breath. Here’s to hoping that March’s pack is a real knockout like January.

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So glad to see the Lotus Cortina make it into Horizon 2. Lambos a first too.

when will it be on the store??

What time zone are you

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I’m italian :smiley: nice to meet you !

Between 7-9pm CET Tuesday 3RD February

WHAT A PITY !! I was dreaming of putting my hands on it today …NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I’ve to wait till tomorrow evening… It will be a looooong waiting :wink:

This is the best pack yet. Ever car will be getting used racing unlike other packs when i only used one or two. Me and the group i play with online hate storm island and off-road racing so the lambo will most likley just get bought to see how it upgrades.

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In the clue guessing thread, someone said there was a facebook post by Turn10 saying the pack would be all new. Now, I’m not on facebook to verify, and I’ve had doubts the entire time because if this is their idea of all new then someone needs to invest in a dictionary.

Three cars never before in Forza does not constitute all new, more like half new.

As for my thoughts on the cars:

RC F - Journalists like it, but only somewhat. It does seem to be a bit on the heavy side and it’s a little frankenstein but that doesn’t mean it won’t drive well. We also have several digital tricks up our sleeves that most real world owners won’t be doing. I’m interested to see how it drives and if it feels as big as the GS in game. All I really want to say to Lexus though, is “Please stop using that hideous front end spindle grill. Anything else you try will be better - just look at the new Camrys.”

XJ220 - Yay. I’ll build one and use it if I have to.

M235i- I liked the 1 series M car quite a bit. As most manufacturers’ cars are growing in size from past years, some things are changing and others simply get a new name. Hopefully this is as fun t drive as the 1 series and can pack the punch of the larger M cars under the hood.

LM002- This will be interesting and fun to drive. I’ve always wanted a chance to experience this beast and hoped it would come to the Forza series one day. It will also make a fine edition in my personal garage next to the Urus. Old meets new in a Lamborghini showdown. Please, make a monthly rivals event or challenge where we chase each other in the two Lambo suvs.

Cortina - Not new to Forza and not new to the Xbox One either. All new pack, eh? It’s a fun little classic and it drives rather well. I almost feel as that if it were replaced with a Morris Minor I’d drive it more just for laughs, but oh well… We’ll see if I get any use out of it. As for coming out so late in the game as DLC when it was in FM5 already, meh.

458 Speciale - The Ferrari that got beat by a Mazda RX-7, ok [see R&T late 2014 issue]. I’m actually excited to see this car and give it a spin. Despite liking Ferrari’s and the 458, I have yet to drive the 458 any further than from the autoshow to my garage in Forza Horizon 2. Maybe as I finish up some championships I can drive them both - and maybe I’ll make one well enough for an online lobby. While my Mazda and Toyota track toys and almost any Subaru in the game are beating the 458 twins though, it’s highly unlikely.

Someone with a bit of sarcasm said ‘I guess most of the cars are from the past games’, and they replied ‘Really? Try again’ or something like that. They never said every car was going to be new. Don’t know why that came up in the clue thread :confused:

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Well I’ve been complaining about the last couple packs and im first to admit it. However this one has SMASHED IT for me personally 4/6 good job t10 now take my money!!