Top Gear Audi R8

I’m still waiting on my gift of the Audi R8 with the special Top Gear livery from the Top Gear Challenge No° 4 at MRLS. Been checking everyday, I know I laid down a laptime, both clean and dirty, clean being the better timed lap. Also while I’m here, any word yet on when the chance to get the Squadra Huracan will pop up again? They definitely said there would be other chances, and that was a few months ago.

Look in the current comps, there’s some opporunities in there for painters and Forzatographers.

Cars are almost always distributed not when you set your time but at the end of the event. The Top Gear Challenge just ended today; Mechberg said that cars would be distributed manually soon.

See the Contests and Gifts thread, and the Community Events forum - unicorn cars like the Huracan are available as prizes in this week’s contests.

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But will there be another driving opportunity to get the unicorns? Not all of us are top-flight painters or photographers.

Here’s a better idea - why not just throw these things in a pack and be done with it?

Because some people will be upset that their bunch of pixels aren’t exclusive anymore.

Because then they wouldnt be unicorns

My Top Gear Audi has arrived.

What a beautiful livery. Thanks, T10!

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I got mine last night. I really like the paint job.

I’ve learned to be patient with Turn 10. I admit I was getting a little concerned about it but I was giving it another week before asking about it.

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Car looks great, thanks. AND nice one ForzaLiveryGuy.