Top Car Types and what are they? What's your opinion?

Personally I’m the kind of person that drives whatever I like or looks cool. But sometimes they’re not always the best cars. Usually I drift so it’s pretty doable with any car. But as for circuits and long races I’m out of the loop on what’s good. Obviously people always pick a fast s1 or s2 etc in an open pick but what about those certain restricted races? I’m just curious as to what everyone thinks are the best Cars in general for their respected type.

Here’s what I think are best. Or at least what I’m good with:

Modern Supercars: McLaren 650S Coupé
Retro Supercars: Lamborghini Diablo SV
Hyper Cars: Koenigsegg ONE:1
Retro Saloons: BMW M5
Vans and Utility: HSV GTS Maloo
Asian Sports Cars: Nissan 370Z
European Spouts Cars: TVR Sagaris
Super Saloons: Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG
Classic Racers: Ferrari 330 P4
Cult Classics: Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R
Rare Classics: Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
Hot Hatch: Abarth 695 Biposto
Retro Hot Hatch: Honda Civic Type R
Super Hot Hatch: Ford Focus RS
Extreme Track Toys: Ultima GTR 720
Classic Muscle: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 427
Rods and Customs: Plymouth Fury
Retro Muscle: Dodge Viper GTS ACR
Modern Muscle: Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Retro Rally: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI GSR
Classic Rally: Ford Escort RS1600
Rally Monsters: Audi #2 Sport Quattro S1
Modern Rally: Subaru WRX STi/Mitsubishi Evo X GSR
GT Cars: Jaguar F-Type R Coupé
Super GT: Aston Martin One-77
Extreme Offroad: Mini X-Raid Countryman
Sports Utility Heroes: Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT
Offroad: Ford F-150 Raptor Shelby
Buggies: Ariel Nomad

Now. These may not be the best cars. But they’re my best cars for an all around standard race in their areas. I’d really like to know what everyone else thinks in choice.

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Did you really just say Mini xraid? I would put that dead last.

The answers most types depend on class.

Surprised Jeep Wrangler and Willys are not mentioned.

Yeah I really said it. I’m aware that with type comes with what class are they racing in. I was more so curious as to what everyone else’s picks were for types. Not class. If I had to be point blank I’d say what is the best car for each type at Max upgrade. Remind you as the mini may not be the best. And I stated in my post they’re not all the best but they’re MY best. I have a rally fighter. I have the Ranger. They’re great cars but I do not handle them well as I do the mini. Idk why. I’m not a bad driver but with inexperience the mini was easiest.

^ adding to that it also depends on build/tune. Many cars can be competitive when tuned well

I agree. Not ecery car can top every leaderboard, but every car I’ve tuned can be competitive somewhere without exception. My list is basically a list of cars I like in real life.

I’d have to disagree, the Mini X-Raid, well, it’s an ok car. It drives alright off the road like it’s supposed to, but the speed is just godawful. It can’t even beat the 100 mark stock, lol. Definitely not the best in the Extreme Off-road class, although I wouldn’t know what to call the best myself.

I agree in a long stretch race it’s not that good. But in a circuit style race with lots of turns and corners offroad it’s a beast in my hands.

As any car can be tuned to act one way or another it is impossible to say whether one car is the “best”. Just which ones fit what you need done.

Back in Horizon 2 I made a Buick GSX rally car. And while it held it’s own, it was definitely a blast to drive and the design I gave it totally worked. This game I plan on making a 1995 Audi RS2 Avant as my rally vehicle.

Just about every car can be tuned to be competitive, it depends on the driver and how they drive (and more importantly, what class they race in).

It’s fine that the OP likes the Mini X-Raid. If it works the best for him, it works best for him. Not too much of a need to criticize his choice as it’s his opinion and his playstyle. As for me I’d rather drive the Local Motors Rally Fighter than the X-Raid as there is more room for a build but I definitely do not think the X-Raid is a bad offroad race vehicle by any means.

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Well put. I agree that any car can do anything. I drift with a van for God’s sake haha. Each car has a type though. And in some races you can’t always bring your favorite if it’s not in that type. I was hoping others would make a list like I have to see what others like. Wasn’t hoping for an agree/disagree post. But hey. Everyone free to speak their own.

The OP asked for opinions. My opinion is the Mini and Baldwin are a waste of space. I have a mini and put in a lot of effort to build / tune it to be useful. Can i win races with it? Sure.

Ford Ranger and Rally Fighter are multiple seconds quicker though. Warthog struggkes for top speed. Bowler is good in S1 but Rally Fighter is better.

Mini is ok for Playground Games on the small maps.

That’s just your take on it, and that’s totally cool by me. The OP could have a different one, heck, he could even have the winning tune combination that takes him straight to the holy grail. There is a difference between “It’s the worst” and “In my opinion, I think it’s the worst” hence the justification behind my post.

You may tune yours a certain way that he doesn’t, but that doesn’t mean you should be so surprised to see it listed, as opinions on how well things do in different categories are entirely subjective to the player, and everyone has a different one.

Rightly or wrongly I was surprised. I did not mean my reply to be critical. I was just expressing my surprise. My apologies if anyone did not like how I said it.

In each championship that has a small number of cars I have mentally made a note of cars to forget about if I am trying to make “the best” for that championship.

In XOR, sadly I might add, I do not bother with the Baldwin, Mini and to a lesser extent the Warthog. I would be very surprised if anyone can put their best tunes on all the XORs and then say the Mini performs the best.

I like lists like this.

Super GT: Ferrari F12 and is the 599 GTO in this group?

I just recently spent time in the One-77, I really like and it’s a fast car, but the F12 at high speeds is in a whole different category. A good One-77 might corner better, but most road courses favor speed or are balanced. I think the F12 might be a strong choice in most races. But I spend a lot of time in S1 and there are a lot of cars that can be made to compete. The One-77 is really good in the right races.

I could never condone the use of a 370z, though. But it may be the best performing car in the game for all I know. Not a fan.

The Sagarius looks interesting. I built one but haven’t driven it. All the numbers looked good and it’s a light car to start with.