top 3 cars per class thread!!

Post your top 3 cars per class you are most successful with, and give a brief example why. This will help new, and pro players experiment with new vehicles to help get a competitive edge.

Ex. Car 1 - acceleration
Car 2 - offroad/cross country
Car 3 - street only, etc etc

I will post mine later today, at work right now.

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Also don’t forget to post drivetype, engine swaps and class!

S1: Ford Transit SSV
—> Drivetype: Hover Van
—> Engine: V8 Swap for the road, two small 1.5L engines for the hover capabilities

—> Careful taking this out on the Mediterranean as weather may be a bit unpredictable. Does rather well on road courses, the fans and engines in the back help balance the car nicely though it is a tad heavy.

:smiley: Once I have a moment to get on the game I’ll take a look and post an actual list of cars I like or use the most.

I would really like to have some speeds and times to compare to on the runway drag race. The only thing that’s on the leader board is everyone’s runs in their Alphas! Just wanting some baseline comparisons for.drag race tuning purposes. We’ve been running A and S1, 2500 lbs and up. Trying to stick to cars that would NORMALLY be uses to drag race. Like I said, would like to know if me and my friends are close to where other people are, in those classes.

*we do run S2, 2000lbs and up

Check leaderboards for top cars.