Top 10 Fastest Street Cars. (1/4 Mile Drags)

Looking for atleast THREE more drivers!!

Looking at starting a top 10 street car drag list. (Like Street Outlaws)
Hers the rules that it would go by:

  • 1/4 Mile Drags.
  • Cant Cross Center line. If you crash you forfeit your race and are done for the night.
  • 900HP Max Limit.
  • No Hyper or Super Cars of any kind.
  • Rear and Front Wheel Drive only, using manual w/ clutch.
  • Race days would be two days a week. (Possibly Wednesday and Saturday)
  • Would run from about 7pm CST until whenever races are done.
  • Races would be done in a top 10 style where you must call out the driver above you to work your way up.
  • All call outs would have to be done through Supra055 and SLEDNECK69.
  • Races can only take place on the race days.
  • Which ever car you use to get on the list, you must stick to.
  • If you want a different car you must pull your car off the list, and challenge number 10 again.
  • Each member of the list can be called out two times per race day, but may defend spot as many times as they like.
  • If you loose your spot to someone you cant call them out that same day for your spot back.

If any one would be interested in this type of thing. Message Supra055 or SLEDNECK69 on Xbox One and we will setup a tournament to pick everyone’s starting positions on the list.