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Top 1%

cues music…

Feels good...


congrats and good job :slight_smile:

There ya go.

makes “heavy metal” hand gesture

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Awesome, my top is 6% of 1000000+ Need to catch you up!

Congrats I remember the first time I tried rivals in FH1.
Got hooked.
Got gold for the first time.
Spent about a week straight to get there with way too many hours a day.

Now I enjoy tuning cars others say are difficult and getting them there In FH2. Haven’t even made it yet, but we will (my s1-900 Zagato)

Learning to drive well, making it to the 1% list, just the starting line I think when it comes to these games. So much awesomeness in store. And to think… I drove forza 2, 3 & 4 all offline… tsk tsk lol

Again congrats. Now push harder, brake later, and still keep her clean. :wink:

good work

also just discovered F355 :DDDD


F355 does pretty well down in b class if u havnt tried it out yet its a pretty straight forward build :wink:
360cs can also be brought down from s1 to A class…how competitive it is is another matter ( believe both need to be converted to awd in order to get the pi low enough ) Ive shared tunes for both :wink:

gj now race my rival!