Too many saves

When trying to save my car setup, I get the message “You have too many saves of this file type. Please delete some from the file manager before saving any more.”

How many different file types are there and what is the file save limit?

I would have thought I could save as much as my hard-drive would allow. It seems I have to get into every single car to see which files I have saved. This couldn’t be more difficult and am surprised there isn’t an easier way to manage file saves.

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Unfortunately it all gets saved to the cloud and not your xbox. For tunes the max is 300. Not sure what it is for designs and liveries.

I’m having the same issue, with liveries, plus, after not playing for about a year, it took forever to “Sync” the game to the cloud, because of this mess.
I miss the good ol’ days where stuff was saved to your console and you could just play and save to your heart’s desire.
Backed up in the cloud? Maybe. ONLY on the cloud? Dumb.