Too many saves?

Hope someone can help. I have Forza 7 and was painting all my cars the same colour. I have just over 500 car’s and i know there are over 700 in the game. I have about 20 car’s left to paint but it is saying “Too many saves of this type” and that i have to delete some. I would of thought that Turn 10 would of made enough room to be able to paint every car in the game. I have enough room on my hdd ect. Is there anyway around this?

If anyone from Turn 10 read their forums then please fix this. Just make it so you can change the paint on all cars.

Thank you.

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Hopefully I never have that problem, but ya. Another dev needs fired for this! I don’t get how they can mess up so many common sense things in this game. Mind Blown😵

By your tier points, I can tell you’ve played multiple Forza games for quite some time. How can your “mind be blown” to see something that’s the same as it’s been in previous Forza games for years and years?

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Right, would have been nice to see the ability to have enough paints to cover all cars. More mind blown by the other issues that slipped back in. Actually thought it wouldn’t continue to be an issue, didn’t realize they were forced with limits on memory…

It is due to save file limits imposed by MS.


This is nothing new for Forza. Previous Forza games had save limits as well. As Eduardo noted above, there are game save file size limits for all games on XBox that are set by MS/XBox … not T10.


Yeah i understand this on a xbox as the memory and harddrives are small, Shame they needed to do it on PC as well. Oh well I’ll just delete some paint jobs on car i may never use.
Thanks for the replys everyone. Hope to meet some of you online at some point.

The Xbox hard-drive size has nothing to do with it. All Forza saves are stored in the M$ Cloud which is why M$ limits it’s size.

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Ah that makes sense. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I think they expect people not to own and use all the cars in the game, nor own more than one of each. There’s a trend going on that prize cars are becoming unique (Midnight Battles, Specialty Dealers), and I believe this is a step in the right direction, but they really, really need to do something to make it easier to switch between designs when using different tunes… This way, the concept of “multiple cars in one” would be much more interesting…