"Too many saves of this type" error, help?

While buying a new car to add to my collection I got the too many saves error and not sure what it means exactly because I thought this game was saved to the forza servers. Never encountered this error in horizon 4 and had over 3-4 hundred cars, in horizon 5 I don’t even have 80 and got the too many saves error and Idk what to do. I only have like 2 or 3 downloaded liveries and no tunes made or downloaded so Idk please help. I’m afraid that if I play any further it wont save any of it and I won’t make any progress. Also I found a bug with the gifted porsche 918 with that the wing wont come up but the lights will. Weird. The car I was buy was the 2017 Chevy camaro zl1 btw.