Too many saves!!!!! Help. Xbox1

For some time now I have been getting msgs saying too many saves and I can’t paint any cars or auction any cars and I have deleted a bunch of files and this problem continues. I only have maybe 35 cars in my garage.

I was hoping that one of the updates from Forza would correct this but it nope.

What do I need to do to fix this problem without loosing my progress and millions of credits?


When will Forza staff fix this issue with an update?

I also encountered the same situation on Xbox1 and Windows 10. ( I have 761 cars in my garage)
I asked to Microsoft Japan. But they saied “Such a situation could not be confirmed. You should query the Turn 10 forum”

It shows a screen shot below.This movie can not be played on the browser.Plese download.

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I’ve seen this for paints and tunes. They are separate “counts”. If you are trying to save a paint and you get the message, you need to delete paint files, not the actual cars.

The same for tunes. If you’re trying to save a tune and get the message, try deleting unused tunes until you can save again.

Hopefully it is this and not something more serious! I hope this helps.

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Worked! But still does not let me auction cars