Too many rare cars!

I just want to know if anyone feels the same way, ino the forza team have to make the game interesting by doing this but some cars THERE IS JUST NO NEED!!, take the Honda prelude yes it’s a nice car but I dont think it needs to be rare and in my opinion the zenvo is an ugly supercar but u cannot find it apart from forzathon, I just think that the forza team should focus on making the vintage racers rare or cars that people love like the lambo centanario.
Also when the new seasons come to play some of the challenges give you a ( HARD TO FIND CAR) like last week there was a GRC beetle, that car is all over the auction house, what I want is real rare cars that you CANNOT find in the auction house.
So people please tell me your thoughts and hopefully someone from the forza team will see this and actually take in what I have said and do something about it.
I forgot to add, I want some of the cars that are rare to become standard cars like auto show cars.


I like Rare cars. The auction is the best part of Forza for me, because Elite is my favourite game of all time. I think that part of the auction should be taken offline, and made into an Ai auction instead. Then it should work, and you can sell all of your rubbish cars.

Is this just a fancy way of saying “sell cars back to game” ??

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No, because you have rising, and falling prices usually in auction games, and you buy low, and sell high. That’s how Elite works. With Ai you can control that.

So you sell it back to game but you don’t know what you will get? Not sure that I would like that.

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Word on the street is the game pays 4x more for brown cars. Or was it green. I don’t remember.


I think it was brown that appear as green , maybe brown is just not a good color to begin with

You see he’s doing it again now… no mention of Game Of Thrones again.

No it was Game Of Thrones cars. Take no notice of those guys they make weird comments about brown cars for some reason.

the Zenvo you get from completing the worlds fastest car story with 30 stars

game has been released for almost 9 months, where have you been


I only started at season 5 and I know you get the zenvo from that but you should just be able to buy it from the auto show cos I think it’s not even a good prize, I posted this cos it’s how I feel but each and every person is gonna have there own opinion so fire away it’s the reason why I made this post.


People are slowly going of the subject lol easily done tho

Well, one of the main things about rare cars are the Auction prices, and sales. It’s hard to talk about Rare cars, and not talk about the auction at the same time. If you say to someone I’ve got some Rare marvel comics people wonder how much they go for on Ebay.

In Elite the Buyout price fluctuates so you can decide if you want to sell you car with various buyout prices.

Let me guess, you worked on Elite. I have never heard of it though.

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I never worked on the actual Elite game, but I did make my own version of it for fun. It is hidden in Forza quite a lot, and Grand Theft Auto as well. When you have auctions in games you can’t help but take notes from Elite. In Elite a rare car would be a rare commodity like Gold. You would buy spaceships instead of cars, and upgrade them like skills. Travel from place to place, and make money from storylines.

Sounds boring to me, nut to each their own I guess.

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Rated best game of all time so used as a reference for games today.

Well, I just spent some time searching Best Of lists for both rating and sales and I couldn’t find a Best Of or Top Rated list that had it anywhere in the top 100. And that was at ALL the top gaming sites, etc. Still, never heard of it.

103rd at Polygon. Considering they listed 500 games, 103rd is pretty good.